Impressed Current Anodes from EDI

EDI Linear Anode Model AT AT Linear Anode System
This is a linear distributed anode system consisting of a Pt or MMO anode wire periodically connected to a larger bus wire. It is modular in design with a unique connector system that permits easy field installation in any desired configuration. Primary applications include beneath aboveground storage tanks or alongside pipelines. It can also be used in other underground and aqueous applications where a linear distributed anode is required.
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EDI Aqueous Anode Model AR AR Probe Anode Assembly
This is a standard probe anode with a 1" NPT stainless steel round nipple mount. It is typically used in power plant waterboxes. The most common anode rod diameter is 1/2" and the standoff and active lengths usually range from 1" to 9".
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EDI Aqueous Anode Model AL AL Low Profile Anode Assembly
This is a strip anode which lies flat along a waterbox wall, protruding only two inches into the water. Standard sizes are available with 12, 24 and 48 square inches active area. Mounting is through 2 holes in the waterbox wall.
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EDI Aqueous Anode Model AP AP Plate Anode Assembly
This is similar to the Model AL except that the active surface is square rather than rectangular. It mounts through a single hole and is available in standard sizes of 9, 20 and 36 square inches active surface area.
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EDI Aqueous Custom Anodes AX Custom Anodes
The AX model designation is used for special or unusual customer requirements.
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EDI Anode Refurbishing Anode Refurbishing
EDI can restore virtually any probe or low profile anode to new specifications for about half the cost of purchasing a new anode.
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