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Anotec Anode Sled

Impressed Current Anode Sled for use in Cathodic Protection of Offshore Structures. Fitted with six HSCI Anodes for a total of 1,890 lbs Anode Weight.

Application Information

The anodes are spaced for uniform current discharge and consumption. Although HSCI in sea water can withstand current discharge amperages exceeding 5 Amps/sq. ft. (55 Amps/sq. m), the following factors should be considered.
  • Environmental regulations may restrict sled discharge current to lower values. (i.e. less than 1 Volt/meter electric field strength in natural waters).
  • Sled life will depend upon the weight of anodes (1,890 lb), the discharge amperage, the anode consumption rate (for sea water, conservatively assume 1.5 lb/Amp-Year), and the anode utilization (85%).
The following figure illustrates the estimated sled life versus discgarge amperage for a consumption rate of 1.5 lb/Amp-Year.
Estimated Sled Life versus Discharge Amperage for a Consumption Rate of 1.5 lbs/Amp-Year

Sled Construction

Each 4884S Z anode has a single #8 HMWPE cable lead connected to a shore-based rectifier (not included) by means of two, parallel insulated cables (usually, but not limited to, #6, #4 or #2 HMWPE) protected by heavy-wall EPDM rubber hose. Dual cables of #2 or smaller may be protected by a single hose, depending on the length required and the time of year the sled is ordered. The maximum length of shore lead cable that can be installed in-hose is 350’ (107 m).
Each anode lead exits from the side of the anode 400 mm (16”) from the center connection. The lead wire is protected by a sleeve of rubber hose at the hole in the anode wall. The interior of the anode is completely encapsulated with epoxy.
The on-sled junction between anode leads and shore leads utilizes high-strength ground connectors (copper), sealed with putty and tape, and protected by epoxy. The epoxy mass is encased in a fiberglass-reinforced pipe. The shore lead cables and protection hose(s) are securely encased in concrete in the sled frame before terminating in the on-sled junction.
The sled frame consists of two, 12” (300 mm) diameter, 78” (2,000 mm) long PVC pipes filled with reinforced concrete. The pipes are connected together by three, 4” (100 mm) fiberglass-reinforced pipes filled with reinforced concrete.
The sled frame includes 4 lifting eyes and 12 anode clamps manufactured from steel U-bolts, cover protected by a heat shrink sleeve and a 1” EPDM rubber hose jacket. The U-bolts are cast into concrete. Each anode contains a fibreglass rod that inserts in to a matching hole on the sled frame to further secure the anode.
A name plate secured into concrete lists Anotec, the sled serial number, and date of manufacture. Customer project “information” is optional.
6-anode sled and cable lead

Anotec Z-Series Tubular Anode

The Anotec Anode Sled is constructed using 6 Z-Series Tubular Anodes, Part Number: 4884S-Z. More information on the Z-Series Tubular Anodes is available through the following product listing.

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