Who We Are

“If you want a quality job that’s done right, Allied Corrosion Industries is your company. We stand for quality,” 

Chuck Mueller – Vice President, Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc.

Happy client
The corrosion control industry is huge, composed of large companies serving even larger companies in an impersonal manner, focused on outbidding opponents and winning as the low-cost provider.  In this environment, Allied Corrosion stands out for its client-focused approach and a determination to provide high quality service.  Allied Corrosion is a company that recognizes the value of hard work, and we always go the extra mile for our customers.  We work hard to make sure that each client is confident that the finished product exceeds their expectations.

We make a commitment to the client:  To get the job done right the first time.  We only provide the type of service that our clients would expect in a competitive and customer focused environment.  We demonstrate a dedication to improving technology and results-driven innovation.

Allied Corrosion got its start performing installation services for natural gas distribution companies. In the following years, Allied Corrosion continued its growth, broadening to serve port authorities, coastal casinos, and even naval fleet restoration. Throughout our time, we have been a front runner in developing state-of-the-art cathodic protection systems and our customers depend on us to maintain those systems year after year. Trust Allied Corrosion to get the job done right the first time.
Pipeline construction

Our Purpose / Core Values, Mission & Vision

As a full service provider, there is not a facet of corrosion prevention that Allied Corrosion does not have expertise in. That includes construction, engineering, design, service and material sales. From pipelines to seawalls, ports, and ships, we have designed and installed systems to prevent corrosion from occurring in these valuable structures.

No matter the client or job, the golden rule is at the core of how Allied Corrosion does business. Our corporate values all support this ultimate rule, to treat others how we’d want to be treated.

  • High-Quality Service – Every job is done to the highest level of quality.
  • Transparency – We are dedicated to providing transparent and honest advice to all customers.
  • Going the Extra Mile – Customer satisfaction is our #1 measure of job performance.
  • Responsibility – Our guarantee is that from start to finish, every aspect of the job is handled in a professional manner.
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Voltage Range
Relative Position
Least Noble (More Anodic)
-1.60V to -1.67V
-1.00V to -1.07V
-0.93V to -0.98V
Aluminum Alloys
-0.76V to -0.99V
-0.66V to -0.71V
Mild Steel
-0.58V to -0.71V
Cast Iron
-0.58V to -0.71
Low Alloy Steel
-0.56V to -0.64V
Austenitic Cast Iron
-0.41V to -0.54V
Aluminum Bronze
-0.31V to -0.42V
Brass (Naval, Yellow, Red)
-0.31V to -0.40V
-0.31V to -0.34V
-0.31V to -0.40V
50/50 Lead/Time Solder
-0.29V to -0.37V
Admiralty Brass
-0.24V to -0.37V
Aluminum Brass
-0.24V to -0.37V
Manganese Bronze
-0.24V to -0.34V
Silicon Bronze
-0.24V to -0.30V
Stainless Steel (410, 416)
-0.24V to -0.37V
(-0.45V to -0.57V)
Nickel Silver
-0.24V to -0.30V
90/10 Copper/Nickel
-0.19V to -0.27V
80/20 Copper/Nickel
-0.19V to -0.24V
Stainless Steel (430)
-0.20V to -0.30V
(-0.45V to -0.57V)
-0.17V to -0.27V
70/30 Copper Nickel
-0.14V to -0.25V
Nickel Aluminum Bronze
-0.12V to -0.25V
Nickel Chromium Alloy 600
-0.09V to -0.15V
(-0.35V to -0.48V)
Nickel 200
-0.09V to -0.20V
-0.09V to -0.15V
Stainless Steel (302, 304, 321, 347)
-0.05V to -0.13V
(-0.45V to -0.57V)
Nickel Copper Alloys (400, K500)
-0.02V to -0.13V
Stainless Steel (316, 317)
0.00V to -0.10V
(-0.35V to -0.45V)
Alloy 20 Stainless Steel
0.04V to -0.12V
Nickel Iron Chromium Alloy 825
0.04V to -0.10V
0.04V to -0.12V
0.20V to 0.07V
0.20V to 0.07V
0.36V to 0.19V
Most Noble (More Cathodic)

Primary voltage range for material
Voltage range in crevices or stagnant and poorly aerated water