A wide selection of sacrificial and impressed anodes to meet your project specifications.


Backfill specifically designed for the requirements of cathodic protection systems and to extend anode life.

Cables and Splicing Kits


Cables specifically designed for cathodic protection applications.


Adhesives, tapes, FRPs and composite repair systems to prevent and repair damage, corrosion and leaks.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors to protect assets that are exposed to high moisture throughout their lifetimes.

Inspection Tools

Inspection and survey tools for maintaining pipeline integrity and ensuring the long life of important assets.


Instrumentation for verifying functionality, locating defects and problems and evaluating the environment of Cathodic Protection Systems.

Isolators and Hardware

Casing spacers, disks, flanges, gaskets, sleeves and supports.


Products and materials for constructing or maintaining pipelines, including underwater, underground, above-ground, natural gas, oil, water, high temperture, high pressure and more.


Rectifiers that meet the specific requirements of impressed current cathodic protection systems, plus replacement parts and accessories.

Reference Electrodes and Test Stations

Safety and Accessories

Test devices for monitoring the voltage potentials, so that you can ensure proper operation of cathodic protection systems.

Safety and Accessories

Safety markers and other accessories for field work and marking location.

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