Plattline™ Galvanic Zinc Ribbon Anode for CP


Plattline™ Galvanic Zinc Ribbon Anode for CP

Plattline™ zinc ribbon anodes are used in a variety of applications. They are used in cathodic protection on buried pipelines, sacrificial cathodic protection of secondary bottoms on above ground storage tanks, as grounding mats for alienating current mitigation and in other corrosion protection applications. During installation procedures of Plattline™ zinc ribbon anodes in the above applications, it is necessary to connect Plattline™ to itself and to other main cables for full electrical interconnection of current flow. Plattline™ zinc ribbon anodes are manufactured with a steel wire core for electrical path continuity and for strength and handling of the product. This steel wire core is firmly bonded to the product.


  • High current output to volume ratio.
  • Plattline™ easily conforms to any cathode length or configuration.
  • There is no special equipment needed for installation.
  • Will not cause nor magnify stray currents.
  • Generally used in soils of 2000 ohm-cm or less with prepared gypsum-clay backfill.
  • However, Plattline™ can be used in soils with higher resistivity on well coated pipelines with low current requirements.
  • Because Plattline™ is in a continuous ribbon form, there is an even distribution of current density to the cathode.


zinc anodes

  • External areas of steel pipe, especially in difficult environments such as below grade in rocky and mountainous terrain, thawed zones in permafrost, etc.
  • Interior bottom areas of oil storage tanks where salt water settles out.
  • Exterior bottoms of oil storage tanks.
  • Interstitial spaces between old, corroded and new storage tank bottoms.
  • In the limited space between inner and outer casings of wells of various kinds.
  • For grounding steel tower footings of overhead power systems.
  • To provide cathodic protection as well as to dissipate induced A.C. current on coated steel pipe.
  • For personal safety, as well as corrosion protection. To ground valves and test stations of pipe lines which are subject to induced A.C. current and fault currents.

strip anode

Zinc ribbon anodes provide a very simple, cost effective, maintenance-free method of corrosion control for buried or immersed metals such as iron, steel. aluminum, copper, etc. It is especially useful for unattended applications; those where other cathodic protection systems requiring monitoring and/or frequent maintenance cannot be possible.

Plattline™ is an ideal primary or supplemental cathodic protection system. It can also be used as a temporary system prior to the installation of an impressed current system.

Electrochemical Properties of Zinc Ribbon Anodes

Open Circuit Potential (-V)* 1.05 min. 1.10 min.
Closed Circuit Potential (-V)* 1.00 min. 1.05 min.
Current Capacity (amp-hrs/lb) 372 372
Galvanic Efficiency (%) 95 90
Consumption-Actual (lb/amp.yr) 24.8 26.2

The cathodic protection of a pipeline in soil is dependent upon the pH of that soil, the soil’s electrical resistivity, the surface area of unprotected pipe in that soil, and the type of cathodic protection system installed.

In the case that a cathodic protection system is employed utilizing a Zinc galvanic anode, it is generally accepted that the soil resistivity should be less than 2,000 Ohms-cm and that the Zinc anode should meet the chemical requirements as listed in ASTM B418-88. It is also accepted that a Zinc galvanic anode placed continuously and parallel to the pipeline will cathodically protect the pipe with a more uniform voltage, while requiring less total voltage for the structure. Plattline Zinc ribbon meets all of these requirements due to its unique form and packaging up to 1,098 meters per reel.

Usually all pipeline installations include a coating prior to installation that limits the amount of unprotected surface area of the pipe. Industry estimates expect that about 2% of the total surface area will be unprotected and the coating will have small holes that exist as “holidays” along the surface. These holidays are extremely vulnerable as corrosion will occur here first, developing as pinhole pit-like attacks on the wall of the pipe.

56″ (1,422mm) 3,930 Plattline Plus 1.9 25 Years
56″ (1,422mm) 2,000 Plattline Standard 0.6 13 Years
36″ (1,422mm) 3,930 Plattline Plus 1.9 40 Years
36″ (1,422mm) 2,000 Plattline Standard 0.6 20 Years
30″ (1,422mm) 3,930 Plattline Plus 1.9 48 Years
30″ (1,422mm) 2,000 Plattline Standard 0.6 22 Years

Specifications for Plattline™ Zinc Ribbon Anodes

anode size
anode size
anode size
anode size
Cross Section,
inches (mm)
1″ x 1 1/4″
(25.4 x 31.7)
5/8″ x 7/8″
(15.9 x 22.2)
1/2″ x 9/16″
2.7 x 14.3)
11/32″ x 13/32″
(8.7 x 10.3)
Weight, pounds/foot
Dia. of wire core
inches (mm)
Standard coil length
Feet (m)
100 +10 -0
(30.5 +3 -0)
200 +20 -0
(61 +6 -0)
500 +30 -0
(152 +9 -0)
1000 +50 -0
(305 +15 -0)
Standard coil I.D.
inches (cm)
Packaging Steel-banded, random-wound
open coils
Wood reels


  1. All dimensions and weights are nominal.
  2. Wire core is galvanized steel.
  3. “Arctic” standard size has nominal core diameter of 0.163 in. (4.14 mm).
  4. Longer coil sizes are available on special order. Standard coil lengths of 1000 ft. and 3600 ft. are also available.