Galvanic Aluminum Ballast Tank Anodes

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Galvanic Aluminum Ballast Tank Anodes

Aluminum is a common choice of anode for sacrificial cathodic protection. The benefits of aluminum are that it’s lightweight, and it can be used in saltwater and brackish water. Also, aluminum anodes last longer than zinc anodes are are much less toxic.
These anodes are designed specifically to be used in ballast tanks. They are available in a variety of form factors. They are available in sizes from 21 lbs to 39 lbs, and can be welded, bolted or clamped to the ballast tank, depending on which part is selected. It is important during installation to ensure good electrical connectivity between the anode and ballast tank. Nothing should be between the anode and the ballast tank, including layers of paint. The number of anodes that you should use varies with every system.
We recommend consulting a qualified cathodic protection engineer to select the proper number and placement of anodes. We are always happy to provide advice with product selection, and offer cathodic engineering design services as well.
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BTA-43, BTA-44, BTA-63, BTA-64, BTA-92, BTB-43, BTB-44, BTB-63, BTB-64, BTB-92, BTC-43, BTC-44, BTC-63, BTC-64, BTC-92, BTD-43, BTD-44, BTD-63, BTD-64, BTD-92

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