Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity Management

From full pipeline integrity program design, to surveys and asset management, Allied Corrosion brings detailed expertise to your new or existing pipeline integrity management program.
Over the course of its lifetime, a pipeline may face many threats to its integrity. Third party damage, soil stress and excessive temperatures can expose pipeline to external corrosion. Contaminants and water can induce internal corrosion. Environmental, thermal and operational stress can cause stress corrosion cracking failures. A pipeline integrity management program is critical to avoid and solve these corrosion issues. Allied Corrosion offers a full suite of engineering, design, assessment and repair solutions.
Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc., has assembled a group of pipeline assessment specialists to provide cost effective solutions and compliance with regulatory requirements associated with DOT/OPS Title 49 CFR Part 195 (Liquid Pipelines) and CFR Part 192 (Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines).
We can provide a complete Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) program, or any single service in support of your own program.

Pipeline Integrity Solutions