Lida® TSA™ Anodes

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Lida® TSA™ Anodes

Providing Ease of Installation With Greater Savings in Deep Water Installations

  • Multiple LIDA® anodes and cable are assembled on a supporting rope
  • Spacers insure the anode is in complete contact with seawater.
  • The LIDA TSA™ is connected from the platform to a dead weight on the sea floor.
An offshore structure and an anode string entering the water

Performance Advantages

  • Fewer anodes required with higher current density
  • Current output is easily adjusted
  • Ease of installation reduces cost of cathodic protection system
  • Greater savings in deep water installations
  • A twenty year history of successful cathodic protection in platforms from 15 to 120 meters in depth

Case Study - Loango Field Platforms

Loango Field Platforms operated by Agip Recherches Congo retrofit a LIDA TSA™ system over a poor performing galvanic system. The LIDA TSA™ operated successfully from 1987 to 2005 when it was replaced with a new system to coincide with the 20 year extension in the platforms planned operating life.

Offshore Structure

All De Nora Lida® Anodes

Disk Anode on the GroundDisk Anode on the Ground
Lida® Disk Anodes
Dam and Navigation Lock Gates
Marine Structures, Water Tanks, Vessels
Fresh, Brackish and Seawater Environments
Titanium Disk with MMO Coating
Construction of an underground pipelineConstruction of an underground pipeline
Lida® One Anodes
Cathodic Protection of Buried Structures
Varying Soil Resistivities
Carbonaceous Backfill
Titanium Tube with MMO Coating
LIDA® rod anodes comprised of a titanium substrate with a mixed metal oxide coatingLIDA® rod anodes comprised of a titanium substrate with a mixed metal oxide coating
Lida® Rod Anodes
Process Vessels, Water Condensor Boxes, Heat Exchangers, Water Intake Structures
Constant Electrical Resistance over time
Fresh Water, Brackish Water, Seawater, Coke or Sand Environments
High Current Density Capacity
Offshore StructureOffshore Structure
Lida® TSA™ Anodes
Deep Water Applications
Easy Installation
close-up of wire anodesclose-up of wire anodes
Lida® Wire Anodes
Canistered Anodes, Groundbeds, Storage Tanks, Cable Shielding, Water Treatment Equipment
Not Affected by Chlorine Generation
High Chemical Stability
De Nora Lida® Anodes
Titanium Base with MMO Coating
High Chemical Stability, even in low pH Environments
Chlorine-Resistant Wire Lead

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