Plattmatt™ Grounding Mats


Plattline™ zinc ribbon anodes are used in a variety of applications. They are used in cathodic protection on buried pipelines, sacrificial cathodic protection of secondary bottoms on above ground storage tanks, as grounding mats for alienating current mitigation and in other corrosion protection applications. During installation procedures of Plattline™ zinc ribbon anodes in the above applications, it is necessary to connect Plattline™ to itself and to other main cables for full electrical interconnection of current flow. Plattline™ zinc ribbon anodes are manufactured with a steel wire core for electrical path continuity and for strength and handling of the product. This steel wire core is firmly bonded to the product.

Plattline Grounding Mat There is no substitute. Superior protection for less. PlattMatt™ is a pre-formed grounding/safety mat made from Plattline™ II Standard, the original zinc ribbon anode.

Manufactured exclusively by The Platt Brothers & Company, Plattline™ sets the world standard for grounding and safety protection.

PlattMatt™ is a product line developed by The Platt Brothers & Company over the past ten years for use in cathodic protection, electrical grounding and safety applications. PlattMatt™ is made from Plattline™ II Standard zinc ribbon anode that has been pre-formed into inventoried sizes of 6′ x 6′ or 8′ x 8′ grounding/safety mats. We can also custom fit your mat requirement having done many sizes starting with the minimum 6′ x 6′ size up to 13.5′ x 13.5′ sized Mats. Plattline™ zinc ribbon has no equal in the industry. It is manufactured using a unique process that ensures durability and longevity in the field.

PlattMatt™ is used below above ground appurtenances and is attached to the pipeline and general grounding system to keep workers and technicians safe as they move around portions of the pipeline (valves, pipes, rectifiers, risers, teststations, etc.) that are brought above ground. Single or multiple PlattMatts™ can be used depending on the size of the area.

Other products presently in use require fabrication in the field and as a result, are labor intensive to install. Pre-formed PlattMatt™ ships with necessary attachments, speeds the construction process and saves money, by dramatically reducing installation time.