Galvanic Extruded Magnesium Anodes


Anode Rods are available in diameters ranging from 0.500″ to 2.562″. Each rod has a steel core running lengthwise through its center. These anodes can be easily configured for various Cathodic Protection applications.

Water Heater Anodes are available in several configurations, with welded or unwelded Hex-Head and Anode Outlet Devices (AODs). These anodes are typically used for the Cathodic Protection of Water Heaters, Tanks and Boilers. The linked-style water heater anodes are typically for replacement applications.

Drive-in Anodes are used for the Cathodic protection of gas service entrance piping and other specialty applications. Also available with steel hex head caps.

SuperLINE™ Ribbon Anodes are used in higher resistivity soils where minimum resistance to earth per unit weight of anode is important. SuperLINE™ provides a uniform and efficient current distribution along a pipeline.

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