EDI - Anode Refurbishing

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EDI - Anode Refurbishing

Double the life of your anodes for half the cost!
Almost all anodes can be restored to new specifications. Whether they’re used waterboxes, circulating pipes, heater treaters, tanks or pressure vessels. And it can usually be done for about half the cost of buying new ones.
Our thorough restorations can include replatinizing, rebuilding the standoff and/or replacing the mounting nipple – depending on the condition of the anode. What’s more, because we’re the experts, our rebuilding time is only four weeks. This is usually less time than it takes to get new anodes. If you’re experiencing any of these problems: low current output, damaged standoffs, leaking seals or damaged mounting threads, consider rebuilding. Not only is it quicker, it’s less expensive as well.


  • Replace anodes for half the cost
  • Replatinize, rebuild the standoff and/or replace the mounting nipple
  • Often faster than ordering new anodes

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