LIDA TSA™ Anodes

Lida TSA Anode

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Offshore Platforms
Replacing depleted aluminum anodes on offshore structures is an extremely costly and potentially dangerous practice, particularly in water depths exceeding 200 feet. In an attempt to eliminate the high cost and safety hazards of deep water diving, required for aluminum anode replacement, many companies have experimented with impressed current systems. The mechanical design and durability of many early impressed current systems were clearly not suitable for the demanding offshore environment.

LIDA® now introduces the new patented Tensioned String Anode™ (TSA™) system that virtually eliminates the potential for mechanical failures that have plagued earlier impressed current systems. LIDA's TSA™ features a rubber coated heavy walled riser that serves as an armor for electrical conductors that pass through the splash zone. A tension cable with a working load rating of 36,000 pound provides the mechanical support for LIDAŽ Anode Assemblies from approximately the minus 50 foot level to the sea floor.

LIDA's® design makes installation safe and cost effective by limiting diving to the minus 50 foot level or less. The tension string is fixed to a member near the minus t0 foot level and then tethered to a segmented weight system on the sea bottom. A unique modular design facilitates the addition of multiple 5,000 pound plates, easily maneuvered with standard air tuggers.

The Tensioned String Anode is the reliable, safe and easy to install alternative to costly sacrificial anode retrofits.

LIDA TSA™ Anode Drawing
Lida TSA Anode

LIDA TSA™ Anode Structure
  • Multiple LIDA® anodes and armored cable are assembled on a supporting rope.
  • Spacers insure the anode is in complete contact with seawater.
  • The LIDA TSA™ is connected from the platform to a dead weight on the sea floor.
LIDA TSA™ Anode Performance Advantages
  • Fewer anodes required with higher current density.
  • Current output is easily adjusted.
  • Ease of installation reduces cost of cathodic protection system.
  • Greater savings in deep water installations.
  • A twenty year history of successful cathodic protection on platforms from 15 to 120 meters in depth.
LIDA TSA™ Characteristics
Steel Wire Rope
Diameter 22 mm (0.875 in)
Construction 3 X 19 Seale
Weight in Air 0.55 kg/ft (1.21 lbs/ft)
Elastic Limit 26,590 kg (58,500 lbs)
Minimum Breaking Load 35,455 kg (78,000 lbs)
0.2% Yield Strength 32,180 kg (68,600 lbs)
Jacket PVC Sheathed
Anode - LIDA® 2.5/100 Tubular Anode
Current Output in Seawater 50 amps
Diameter 25 mm (0.984 in)
Wall Thickness 1.02 mm (0.040 in)
Length 100 mm (3.28 ft)
Weight 0.36 kg (0.80 lbs)
Anode Catalyst
Composition Mixed precious metal oxide
Anode Substrate
Composition Titanium, Grade 1 per ASTM B265
Anode Cable
Exane™ Rig Cable 4/0AWG
Insulation Irradiated Cross-Linked Polyolefin
Maximum Current Output 560 Amps
Clump Weight
Variclump Modular 5,000 lb. plates
Diving Requirements
Maximum Depth Minus 50 foot Level