LIDA® NET Anodes

Lida Net Anode 

LIDA® NET Anode Introduction
LIDA® NET Anode is the leading mixed metal oxide anode technology. Reliability is proven with over 110,000 square meters of installed anode surface area in more than 30 countries.

LIDA® NET Anode Advantages
  • Even current distribution the highly expanded mesh pattern provides uniform cathodic protection current to the rebars
  • Pre-fabricated the LlDA® NET Anode arrives at the job site ready to be rolled out, fastened down and connected
  • Quick all weather installation no need to wait for curing, mixing of chemicals, cutting of slots or spraying of paints; there are no electrical splices in the concrete
  • Activation coating mixed metal oxide coating; the LlDAź NET produces mainly oxygen
  • Quality control LlDAź NET Anode is manufactured under strict quality control procedures, quality control certificates are provided on request
  CN15 CN25 CN35
Width 1240mm 1200mm 1240mm2
Length 50m 50m 50m2
Area 62m2 60m2 62m2
Weight per Roll (approx) 10Kg 13Kg 16Kg2
Weight per m2 (approx) 0.16Kg 0.22Kg 0.27Kg
Material Specifications
  CN15 CN25 CN35
Maximum rated current output
per unit of concrete surface
20 mA/m2 30 mA/m2 40 mA/m2
FHWA maximum anode
current density (*)
110 mA/m2 110 mA/m2 110 mA/m2
Expected Design Life 100 yrs. 100 yrs. 100 yrs.
Nominal Diamond Dimensions 85 X 38 mm 62 X 22 mm 40 X 19 mm
Nominal Thickness (approx) 1.8mm 1.8mm 2.0mm
Lengthwise Electrical Resistance
(1.2 m wide strip
0.080 Ohm/m 0.070 Ohm/m 0.039 Ohm/m
*Anode current density may be increased to 220 mA/m2.
In the short term, during initial polarization,
the anode current density may be increased to 400 mA/m2.
Anode Concrete Interface Maximum Current Density
FHWA Limit 110 mA/m2
Short Term Limit 400 mA/m2
Substrate Composition ASTM 265 Titanium Grade 1
Catalyist Mixed Metal Oxide for Oxygen Evolution
Current Distributor
  Width Thickness Electrical Resistance
Type 1 15 mm 1mm 0.037 Ohm/m
Type 2 10mm 0.5mm 0.11 Ohm/m
Widthwise Electrical Resistance
  CN15 CN25 CN35
With current distributor Type 1 0.013 Ohm/m 0.011 Ohm/m 0.009 Ohm/m
With current distributor Type 2 0.017 Ohm/m 0.013 Ohm/m 0.11 Ohm/m