LIDA® Grid Tank Anodes

Lida Grid Tank Anode 

LIDA® GRID Tank Anode Introduction
The LIDA® Grid anode was originally developed for the cathodic protection of steel reinforced concrete structures, it has found a specific application in CP of above ground storage tanks, in particular when secondary containment is present.

LIDA® GRID Tank Anode Applications
  • Aboveground storage tanks
  • New Tank installations with secondary containment liners
LIDA® GRID Tank Anode Advantages
  • It allows the design of distributed anode systems in order to reach uniform protection and current distribution
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Effectively stops the external corrosion on the tank bottoms
  • No requirement for calcined petroleum coke backfill, saving time during installation
  • Environmentally friendly avoiding the need for drilling and reducing risks, with a secondary containment membrane, in case of liquid leak
  • Lower life-cycle costs and extended anode life of over 50 years
LIDA®Grid Mesh Concrete Anode Specifications
Material Specifications
MESH RIBBON Type 1 Type 2
Current rating at 10 A/m2 480 mA/m 240 mA/m
Width 20 mm 10 mm
Thickness 0.9 mm 0.9 mm
Approx Weight per 26m roll 738 g/roll 369 g/roll
Electrical Resistance 0.22 Ohm/m 0.43 Ohm/m
Max Expected Design Life 50 yrs. 50 yrs.
Material Specifications
SOLID RIBBON Type 1 Type 2
Current rating at 10 A/m2 15.1 mA/m 30.2 mA/m
Width 6.3 mm 12.7 mm
Thickness 0.63 mm 0.63 mm
Weight 18.2 g/m 36.4 g/m
Surface Area 0.014 m2/m 0.0266 m2/m
Electrical Resistance 0.14 Ohm/m 0.069 Ohm/m