LIDA® Grid Concrete Mesh Anodes

Lida Grid Mesh Concrete Anode 

LIDA® GRID Anode Introduction
LIDAź GRID Anode is the leader in mixed metal oxide anode technology. Its reliability is proven by hundreds of kilometers installed in more than 30 countries.

LIDA® GRID Anode Advantages
  • Uniform current distribution
  • Mesh ribbon width and spacing can be varied to fine tune cathodic protection current requirement
  • Easy to install during the construction process can beinstalled on rebar cages, via plastic spacers, before concrete pouring
  • Activation coating Mixed metal oxide coating; the LlDAź GRID produces mainly oxygen
  • Quality control LlDAź GRID is manufactured under strict quality control procedures, quality control certificates are provided on request
Lida Grid Mesh Concrete Anode Spacing Lida Grid Mesh Concrete Anode Detail Lida Grid Mesh Concrete Anode Installation

LIDA®Grid Mesh Concrete Anode Specifications
Material Specifications
  Type 1 Type 2
Current rating at 110 mA/m2 5.5 mA/m 2.75 mA/m
Width 20 mm 10 mm
Thickness 0.5 mm 0.5 mm
Unit Length 26 m 26 m
Actual Anode Surface 0.048 m2/m 0.024 m2/m
Approx Weight per 26m roll 400 g/roll 200 g/roll
Electrical Resistance 0.48 Ohm/m 0.48 Ohm/m
Anode Concrete Interface Maximum Current Density
FHWA Limit 110 mA/m2
Short Term Limit 220 mA/m2
Substrate Composition ASTM 265 Titanium Grade 1
Catalyist Mixed Metal Oxide for Oxygen Evolution
Current Distributor
Width 15 mm
Thickness 1.00 mm
Weight 68 g/m
Electrical Resistance 0.037 Ohm/m