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Pipeline Products and Materials

Explore our Selection of Products for the Construction and Maintenance of Pipelines. Products Available Include Pipeline Spacers and Supports, Wraps, Coatings and Rock Shield, Seals, Corrosion Repair, Pigs and More.
Item Type
casing spacer (1)
composite system (12)
corrosion repair (12)
pipe supports (18)
pipeline joint connectors (13)
pipeline maintenance (24)
seal (14)
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Manufacturer / Brand
Advance Products & Systems (8)
Denso (2)
Georg Fischer Central Plastics (1)
Glas Mesh (9)
Knapp Polly Pig Inc. (24)
LB&A Inc. (11)
Neptune Research Inc (18)
Pipeline Seal and Insulator Inc. (PSI) (23)
Tuff-N-Nuff Ind. Ltd. (2)
abrasion resistant (5)
ambient-curable (8)
carbon fiber (3)
casing end (1)
casing spacer (1)
cast iron (3)
composite system (12)
concrete mold (1)
corrosion prevention (2)
corrosion repair (12)
end seal (1)
fast-setting (3)
fiberglass (5)
fire-proof (1)
flange alternative (1)
flange band (1)
flanges (2)
flanges & gasket kit (1)
FRP (2)
gasket (13)
harsh chemicals (1)
high pressure (2)
high temperature (5)
impact resistant (4)
isolating (12)
isolating joint (1)
leak repair (1)
moisture-curable (2)
natural gas (2)
non-conductive (11)
non-isolating (3)
pigs (23)
pipe hanger (1)
pipe rollers (13)
pipe saddle (3)
pipe shield (2)
pipe supports (18)
pipeline installation (15)
pipeline joint connectors (13)
pipeline maintenance (24)
pre-impregnated (11)
rock shield (3)
seal (14)
sleeve (4)
solvent free (1)
spacer (9)
splash zone (5)
structural repair (4)
structural strengthening (2)
submerged (1)
support pad (1)
u-bolts (2)
UV stabilization (1)
washer (2)
water-activated (6)
water-curable (7)
wrap (4)
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Voltage Range
Relative Position
Least Noble (More Anodic)
-1.60V to -1.67V
-1.00V to -1.07V
-0.93V to -0.98V
Aluminum Alloys
-0.76V to -0.99V
-0.66V to -0.71V
Mild Steel
-0.58V to -0.71V
Cast Iron
-0.58V to -0.71
Low Alloy Steel
-0.56V to -0.64V
Austenitic Cast Iron
-0.41V to -0.54V
Aluminum Bronze
-0.31V to -0.42V
Brass (Naval, Yellow, Red)
-0.31V to -0.40V
-0.31V to -0.34V
-0.31V to -0.40V
50/50 Lead/Time Solder
-0.29V to -0.37V
Admiralty Brass
-0.24V to -0.37V
Aluminum Brass
-0.24V to -0.37V
Manganese Bronze
-0.24V to -0.34V
Silicon Bronze
-0.24V to -0.30V
Stainless Steel (410, 416)
-0.24V to -0.37V
(-0.45V to -0.57V)
Nickel Silver
-0.24V to -0.30V
90/10 Copper/Nickel
-0.19V to -0.27V
80/20 Copper/Nickel
-0.19V to -0.24V
Stainless Steel (430)
-0.20V to -0.30V
(-0.45V to -0.57V)
-0.17V to -0.27V
70/30 Copper Nickel
-0.14V to -0.25V
Nickel Aluminum Bronze
-0.12V to -0.25V
Nickel Chromium Alloy 600
-0.09V to -0.15V
(-0.35V to -0.48V)
Nickel 200
-0.09V to -0.20V
-0.09V to -0.15V
Stainless Steel (302, 304, 321, 347)
-0.05V to -0.13V
(-0.45V to -0.57V)
Nickel Copper Alloys (400, K500)
-0.02V to -0.13V
Stainless Steel (316, 317)
0.00V to -0.10V
(-0.35V to -0.45V)
Alloy 20 Stainless Steel
0.04V to -0.12V
Nickel Iron Chromium Alloy 825
0.04V to -0.10V
0.04V to -0.12V
0.20V to 0.07V
0.20V to 0.07V
0.36V to 0.19V
Most Noble (More Cathodic)

Primary voltage range for material
Voltage range in crevices or stagnant and poorly aerated water