Glas Mesh Type #180 Saddles


Type #180 Saddles from Glas Mesh

Glas Mesh 180 Saddle

Glas Mesh FRP Saddles are non-conductive, pre-shaped 180° peripheral snap-on pipes, fabricated from a hand laid up ultra-violet protected, salt tolerant, fiberglass reinforced vinylester resin. Pre-selected reinforcements are laminated over specially modified molds to a uniform thickness. Sub-zero temperatures will not affect properties.

  • Used by utilities for electrical isolation and abrasion control of mains and by industry for load distribution, energy conservation, and insulation protection at hangers and supports of over head and pylon-supported pipe mains.
  • Employed for abrasion control on plastic pipe systems and wrapped cables.
  • Substitute for, or use in place of metal saddles where electrical insulation is desirable.
  • Protects pipe insulation and plastic pipe systems from abrasive wear at overhead hangers and supports.
  • May be banded, cemented or taped into place.
  • Special lengths can be made available.
  • Oversized shields and saddles are used over bridge mains that have had protective tape applied, resulting in an increased outside diameter of the pipe and without damaging the tape.


Fits Pipe
1 1 6
2 2 6
3 3 6
4 4 6
6 6 9
8 8 12
10 10 12
12 12 12
14 14 12
16 16 12
18″ – 36″ also available