Glas Mesh Polyethelene Pile Supports


Polyethelene Pipe Supports from Glas Mesh

Glas Mesh pipe support

Other than third party damage, crack growth is the most common type of polyethylene pipe failure. Shear installations and excessive bending due to external pessure are two potential causes of pipe failure.

Inadequate Support and/or protection wherever a PE pipe is inserted into an old steel or cast iron pipe, can over time develop point loading contact precisely where the plastic pipe enters and exits the metal main. Downward pressure from soil compaction may cause PE to cold flow and gradually develop a shear crack failure.

It has always been standard practice to protect inserted polyethylene services with a plastic split sleeve prior to backfilling. This type of precaution for the larger plastic mains will contribute to the long term integrity of the system. Glas Mesh FRP Type # 240 Shields and Type # 180 Saddles provide a superior means and material for protecting PE pipe at any insertion.