Glas Mesh Non-Conductive Pipe Rollers


Non-Conductive Pipe Rollers from LB&A

LB&A pipe rollers

Non Conductive pipe rollers prevent the passing of current from the pipeline to bridge structure and rebars. As a direct replacement for cast iron roll, non-conductive pipe rollers are made of the highest specification polyurethane compound which is cast around an integral steel sleeve to form a full length bearing for the axle. They can be used in conjunction with the FRP Type #240 Roll-On Shields™.

  • Maintain same support strength of pipe hanger system.
  • Eliminate chafing and rusting pipe caused by iron rolls.
  • Eliminate electrical grounding of the pipeline to the bridge.
  • Eliminate insulating joints at each end of the bridge, and include the suspended line as part of the cathodically protected pipeline maintaining continuity of cathodic protection.
  • Absorb vibration from traffic or other sources, saving wear and tear on pipe hanger parts.