Poly Trip-Cup® Pigs from Knapp


Poly Tri-Cup® Pigs from Knapp

Knapp’s solid cast urethane three-cup batching, cleaning and fluid control pipeline pig.

Tri-Cup Red Pig Advanced design
Strategically located cups maintain a triple seal throughout your batching and line cleaning jobs. The Knapp Poly Tri-Cup’s design allows it to easily traverse joints, valves, bends – virtually any pipeline formation!
Tri-Cup Green Pig Enhanced flexibility
Flexible, one-piece construction ensures that the Knapp Poly Tri-Cup is always centered in the line. Result – more even cup wear and a constant triple barrier against product interface. Improves cup seal by allowing expansion of pig body by line pressure.
Tri-Cup Yellow Pig Maximum strength
Tough and durable, the one-piece polyurethane body outclasses the performance of rigid metal parts in other pigs. Extra urethane in the nose section puts reinforcement where it is needed most.
Tri-Cup Brown Pig Light weight
Designed to be lighter than conventional metal pigs, the Knapp Poly Tri-Cup does not sacrifice strength or endurance. High compliance elastomers minimize cup wear and your per-foot costs, while ensuring maximum sealing capability. The Poly Tri-Cup is available with steel wire brushes for enhanced cleaning.
Tri-Cup White Pig Sanitary Applications
The Poly Tri-Cup pipeline pig is available in Knapp’s exclusive Food-Grade Ultrathane for use in sanitary pipelines.
Tri-Cup Blue Pig Poly Tri-Cup Conical
The Poly Tri-Cup is available in 3″ through 12″ with conical cups in some sizes. Please check with the factory.