PSI Custom Casing Spacers

Custom casing spacers may be manufactured to customer specifications to accommodate several pipes, conduits, cables or any other cylindrical item that needs to be inserted into the casing along with the carrier pipe.

PSI Custom Casing Spacers

Multiple Casing Spacers – Custom


Pipeline Seal and Insulator is the industry leader in the design and fabrication of multiple carrier spacers used for inserting different size pipes, conduits and wires into casings. Projects have ranged from simple dual pipe configurations to complex pipe/conduit arrangements, designed for maximum strength and efficiency within all pipe specifications.

Customized spacers are also available with electrically isolated rollers to ease installation of unusually heavy carrier pipes or for extremely long casing pipe runs.

PSI Models A (painted), C (coated) or S (stainless steel) may be designed and fabricated to meet the needs of your custom project.

All custom multiple carrier spacers share the same features as our single carrier spacers described throughout this web site. However, the multiple carrier spacers are considerably more complex and therefore require more detailed design considerations. Please contact Allied Corrosion Industries during your design phase.

Benefits and Features

  • Customized To Customer Specifications
  • Engineering Assistance If Needed
  • Same High Quality As Standard Isolators
  • May be Specified with Heavy Duty PVC Inner Liner Provides Protection For Pipe and/or Coating
  • Rollers may be used for long pulls and/or heavy pipe installations
  • Designed to last for the life of the piping system
  • Eliminates the Need for Blown Sand or Pea Gravel

Typical Configurations

Multiple Casing Spacer Multiple Casing Spacer Multiple Casing Spacer Multiple Casing Spacer

Typical Applications for Custom Multiple Casing Spacers

Multiple Casing Spacer Application

Multiple Casing Spacer Application


Manufacturer’s warranty statement will be supplied upon request to Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc.

How to Order Custom Multiple Casing Spacers

To order Custom Multiple Casing Spacers please indicate the following:

  1. Quantity
  2. Type Finish
  3. Band Width
  4. Runner Width
  5. Carrier Pipe O.D.
    (Type and coating thickness if applicable)
  6. Casing Pipe I.D.
    (Type and coating thickness if applicable)
  7. Carrier Pipe Joint O.D.
    (if applicaable)
  8. Carrier pipe position within casing
  9. Length of Crossing
  10. Contact your local distributor or Pipeline Seal & Insulator, Inc.

Typical Configuration Examples

Multiple Casing Spacer Inside Configuration Multiple Casing Spacer Inside Configuration


To order the following casing spacer refer to the Indicators at the right and the Typical Configuration Examples pictured below.

Coated 12″ (305mm) wide steel band casing spacer with 2″ (50.8mm) wide glass reinforced nylon runners for a 16″ (400mm) ductile iron pipe with a 17.40 (400mm) outside diameter within a casing pipe with a 23.25 (590mm) inside diameter, carrier pipe joint O.D. 20.00″(508mm), standard position.

Ordering chart

PDF Documents for Download

Engineering Manual Cover

Casing Spacer and End Seals Engineering Manual and Buyers Guide Download

Engineering Energy Cover

Casing Isolators/Spacers designed specifically for critical energy industry applications.

Engineering Water Cover

Casing Isolators/Spacers designed for water and sewer cased pipelines.

PSI Custom Casing Spacers

PSI Custom Casing Spacers

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