PSI Century-Line® Sleeves


Century-Line® Sleeves

Century-Line® Pipe Penetration Sleeves are used to create circular sleeved holes in concrete poured barriers including; walls, floors, ceilings, structural supports and tank footings.

PSI Century-Line® Sleeves

Century-Line Sleeve


Century-Line® Pipe Penetration Sleeves are used to create circular sleeved holes in concrete poured barriers including; walls, floors, ceilings, structural supports and tank footings. Molded from non-conductive, high impact resistant HDPE, Century-Line® sleeves are lightweight and easily installed by one construction worker. They are available in 16 diameters ranging from 2″ to 25″ and shipped, from stock, in any desired length.

Century_line® sleeves are engineered to mate with Link-Seal® modular mechanical seals for a lifetime of leak-proof performance. PSI/Thunderline?Link-Seal® is your one-stop source for everything you need to effectively seal the annular space between pipes and concrete barriers through which they pass.

Features and Benefits

16 sizes – 2″ to 25″ in diameter – Local stock, drop ship overnight.
In the event of a field or engineering change, sleeves may be cut shorter at the job site using ordinary hand tools. Standard sleeves are 16″ (406mm) in length. Longer length models may also be quickly fabricated as a custom ordered item.

Positive hydrostatic seal
Link-Seal® modular seals are rated at 20 psig (40 feet of head), which exceeds the performance requirements of most applications.

1/8 the weight of steel
Century-Line® sleeves are light enough for one worker to install without a crane, hoist or helper which reduces installation time and costs. Century-Line® sleeves are easy to stock and store and far less expensive to ship, when compared to steel sleeves.

Resists water migration.
The 2″ (50.8mm) water stop collar not only anchors the sleeve in position but creates a long tortuous path against the migration of water around the outside of the sleeve.

Used for shotcrete wall applications.
For shotcrete applications, Century-Line® Sleeves are easily positioned to wall form with threaded rod, and the end caps protect the sleeve penetration while the wall is formed.

Adjusts to wall thickness.
Century-Line® sleeves unique hollow water stop collar acts like an expansion joint, adjusting (up to 1/2″ – 12.7mm) to the thickness of the wall. This compressive force reacts against the forms like a spring, creating a prevailing tension which maintains proper sleeve location within the form.

Nailer end caps position sleeve precisely in form.
Specially designed end caps provide an ideal method for attaching Century-Line® sleeves to the concrete forms. The end caps assure that the sleeve holds its circular configuration during the pour. In addition to keeping out wet concrete, they also prevent dirt from entering the sleeve during backfill operations or the interim construction period.

Tough high density polyethylene (HDPE) construction.
High impact-resistant HDPE also provides excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and other organic solvents. Ideal for cathodic protection systems, these non-conductive sleeves will neither rust, corrode or degrade. Low-temperature properties are such that they may be installed under any weather conditions suitable for pouring concrete. High temperature application limit is 150° F. (66° C.). The sleeve is molded with a texture on the outside surface to assure a better bond, than most other plastics, to concrete interfaces.

Weights and Dimensional Data

Weights and Dimensional DataModel CS (16″ length)
MODEL I.D. (In.) I.D. (mm) lbs. Kg.
CS-2 1.98 50.3 0.70 0.32
CS-3 2.94 74.7 1.30 0.59
CS-3-1/2 3.38 85.9 1.50 0.68
CS-4 4.03 102.4 2.00 0.90
CS-5 5.14 130.6 2.80 1.27
CS-6 6.14 156.0 3.60 1.63
CS-8 8.21 208.5 4.80 2.18
CS-10 10.19 258.8 6.40 2.90
CS-12 12.26 311.4 7.20 3.27
CS-14 14.14 359.2 11.20 5.08
CS-16 16.18 411.0 12.00 5.44
CS-18 17.45 443.2 15.50 7.03
CS-20 19.12 485.6 17.50 7.94
CS-22 20.32 516.1 21.00 9.53
CS-24 22.76 578.1 22.00 9.98
CS-25 24.81 630.2 23.00 10.43


Century-Line® Sleeves – for openings to 24.81″ diameter. Where pipes must pass through walls and floors of new structures, unless otherwise shown or specified, install molded non-metallic high density polyethylene Model CS Century-Line® sleeves as manufactured by PSI-Thunderline/Link-Seal®. Model CS sleeves shall have integrally formed hollow water stop sized having a minimum of four inches larger than the outside diameter of the sleeve itself and allowing 1/2″ movement between wall forms to resist pour forces. Each sleeve assembly shall have end caps manufactured of the same material as the sleeve itself and installed at each end of the sleeve so as to prevent deformation during the initial concrete pour, and to facilitate attaching the sleeve to the wall forms. End caps shall remain in place to protect the opening from residual debris and rodent entry prior to pipe insertion.


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