PSI FlangeMate® Non-Isolating Sealing Gasket

PSI FlangeMate® Non-Isolating Sealing Gasket

FlangeMate Non-Isolating Gasket Seal


With a metal retainer, the FlangeMate® provides superior hoop strength and positive assurance against gasket blowout. In addition, the FlangeMate® metal-to-metal contact between flange faces and the metal retainer makes it impossible to damage the gasket by over-torquing during installation. This also eliminates the need for gauge rings and other devices and methods to assure the correct torque for a positive seal.

The FlangeMate® gasket concentrates the total compressive load of a flange face on the sealing elements to produce a seal with a higher sealing load per square inch than any other gasket. Sealing elements may be made from any compressible material while retainers may be fabricated from any formable metal.

Benefits, Features, Sizes, and Ratings

Benefits and Features

  • Eliminates Flange Leaks.
  • Guards against blowouts.
  • Protects against fire and hostile environments.
  • Usable with any type of flange.
  • Matches gasket materials to service conditions.
  • Lowest possible clamp and compressive load.
  • Increases gasket life.


  • All standard ANSI and API flange sizes from 1/2″ and above.
  • Custom odd sizes and shapes.

Pressure Ratings

  • All ANSI and API rated flanges.
  • Pressures from hard vacuum to 50,000 psi and higher.

Available Options

Aluminum Buna-N(Nitrile)
Brass Buna-S
Carpenter 20 Butyl
Carbon Steel EPDM
Clad Steel Materials Grafoil
Copper Hypolon
Hastelloy B Kel-F
Hastelloy C Lead
Hastelloy X Natural Rubbers
Inconel X Neoprene
Monel Nylon
Nickel 200 Polyethylene
Soft Iron Polyimide
Stainless Steel Polypropylene
Tantalum Polyurethane
Tin Silicone Rubber
Titanium Soft Copper
Vanadium Teflon®
Vinyl (PVC)

How The Seal Functions

Before Tightening
The flange faces come into contact with both the sealing elements and the metal retainer. This initiates the sealing process, and results in the highest possible compressive load on the seals after the flange has been fully tightened.
Linebacker Gasket Seal and Isolator
After Tightening
The flange faces have reformed the metal retainer to encapsulate the sealing elements within grooves which controls the cold flow characteristics of the sealing material. The high compressive load developed by the tightened flange is concentrated on the seals. Over-torquing is impossible because of the metal-to-metal contact between the retainer and the flange faces.
Linebacker Gasket Seal and Isolator
Linebacker Gasket Type F
Type F Gasket

The gasket retainer extends out to the I.D. of the bolt circle.
The FlangeMate® is available only as an “F” style gasket.


How to Order

To order LineBacker® Sealing/Isolating Gaskets please indicate the following:

  1. Quantity
  2. Nominal Pipe Size
  3. Pressure Rating
  4. Gasket Type: E or F
  5. Gasket Style: GasketSeal®
  6. Retainer Material
  7. Sealing Element
  8. Weld neck or slip-on application
  9. Note all special requirements.

PSI FlangeMate® Non-Isolating Sealing Gasket

PSI FlangeMate® Non-Isolating Sealing Gasket

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