Flange, valve and welded-joint corrosion costs clients millions annually and the complex geometry of flanges
prevents effective surface preparation and coating which can lead to frozen nuts and bolts, weakened weld
joints, and loss of containment. Zerust TFS is a transparent UV-resistant film with proven Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors
(VCIs) for corrosion protection up to four years, even in severe outdoor exposure.


Zerust TFS is available in sizes compatible with international standards.
Please contact us for the correct product recommendation for your application.


Application Guidelines

Zerust TFS can be easily installed and removed in minutes without special equipment. The appropriate sized Zerust TFS is wrapped around the desired part for protection and is secured using a combination of zip ties, 3M sealing tape, and the adhesive tape layers that come on the Zerust TFS

Recommended Product Applications

Recommended applications for Zerust TFS include, but are not limited to, the following:

Physical Properties


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