A Tradition of Excellence – The M.C. Miller Company

The M. C. Miller Company has been serving the needs of the Cathodic Protection industry for over 60 years and we continue to expand our impact by developing new, needs-based, products and services, based on our commitment to in-house research and development.

The Company, which was founded by the late Melvin C. Miller in 1945, manufactures equipment and software for use by corrosion professionals all over the world. We currently have customers in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, South America, Canada as well as the United States. The Company’s current president is Al Hilberts, formerly VP of manufacturing and a 45 year veteran of M. C. Miller.

In addition to supplying hardware items, such as multi-meters, current-interrupters, data-loggers and soil resistivity kits, the M. C. Miller Company is also the author and publisher of the innovative client/server database management system known as ProActive. ProActive is the most technically advanced Cathodic Protection, Pipeline Integrity and Risk Assessment software package currently on the market. This time- and money- saving software package simplifies the often laborious documentation associated with Cathodic Protection systems. Software development at M. C. Miller is spear-headed by Ron Roberts, VP of software development.

Gatherer One (G1) Data-logger
Note: The G1 Data-logger is no longer available for purchase.
However, accessories are available for those who already own the G1 Data-logger.

Introduction to M. C. Miller Electrodes

M. C. Miller manufactures a wide range of portable copper/copper sulphate and silver/silver chloride reference electrodes, as well as copper/copper sulphate and silver/silver chloride reference electrodes designed for permanent installation applications.

Information on the nature of structure-to-electrolyte readings taken using different reference electrode types is provided in an article published in NACE’s Materials Performance magazine (September 2009) titled, “A Guide to Understanding Reference Electrode Readings”.

M. C. Miller reference electrodes are state-of-the-art with regard to materials selection, fabrication techniques, and performance. A variety of designs to satisfy numerous applications in the corrosion and cathodic protection areas are provided.