Tank Electrode with Extension/Holder


Standard Tank Electrodes

Standard Tank Electrode

Tank Electrode with Extension/Holder
Cat. # 16825

The M. C. Miller Co., Inc. waterproof electrode extension is used for pushing an electrode through a perforated PVC pipe running under an above ground storage tank. It is particularly useful when an electrode cannot be dropped on its own weight into a hole or water. The ridged electrode extension uses a ¾” PVC pipe, commonly found in hardware and plumbing stores. Any length of pipe that is desired may be used, including attached pipe lengths using PVC slip couplings in order to reach the desired length. Additionally, a male ¾” NPT and a female ¾” NPT may be used to quickly screw multiple pieces of pipe together. The red #16 AWG 150 foot test lead is included with the Tank Electrode Extension/Holder.

Standard Tank Electrode Standard Tank Electrode


  1. The #16 AWG wire is used to connect the electrode with a simple field changeable waterproof quick disconnect. The connection is inside a watertight tube located inside the 18 inch gray PVC pipe attached to the electrode.
  2. Unscrew the electrode from the gray PVC tube and locate the watertight tube.
  3. With a crescent wrench, unscrew the ends of the tube and expose the electrode and lead wires with mating spade terminals.
  4. The 150-foot extension wire should be replaced if abraded or cut.
  5. A new extension wire is easily created with a crimp spade lug available at any hardware store. The spade is a ¼” inch connector.
  6. Reassemble the watertight tube once the new wire lead has been connected.