IonX Submersible Electrodes


IonX Submersible Electrodes

Designed for immersion in liquid electrolytes.
The IonX Series represents a new technology for reference electrodes for the corrosion control industry.
All of the electrode types in the IonX Series utilize a unique non-porous, ionically conducting plug.

M. C. Miller IonX40 Electrode M. C. Miller IonX40 Electrode

General Features and Benefits

  • Designed specifically for immersion in liquid electrolytes
  • Zero leakage from electrode
  • Zero contamination of electrode by electrolyte
  • Half-cell potential is independent of electrolyte salinity
    (seawater, brackish water, fresh water, etc.)
  • No need to adjust readings to the copper sulfate scale

Electrode Dimensions and Weights
Cat. Number Max Diameter Length Weight
14640 1 in. 8.75 in. 1 lb.
14645 1 in. 9.25 in. 1 lb.
Measurements are approximate

Additional information

Reference Electrode

Cat-14640, Cat-14645


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