Tapecoat Epoxy Coating – TC® 7100 Wet Bond Epoxy

Wet Bond Epoxy

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Tapecoat Epoxy Coating TC® 7100 Wet Bond Epoxy

Corrosion Protection for Fresh Water Wet Surfaces.TC® 7100 Wet Bond Gray Epoxy is a surface tolerant epoxy developed for coating metal and concrete above and below fresh water.

TC® 7100 provides an exceptional anti-corrosion coating for protecting bare steel, welded joints on factory-coated pipe, irregular fittings and surfaces. This innovative coating can be applied underwater for the repair of damaged coatings on steel transmission pipes; steel, concrete, and sheet pilings; and lateral supports.

TC® 7100 is ideal for above and below ground protection of metallic surfaces on pipes and compressor / pumping stations that endure splashes, condensation, or humidity.

TC® 7100 Wet Bond Gray Epoxy (Color Gray) – a two part liquid epoxy system. Used on damp, wet or dry metal surfaces as a one-coat stand-alone protective coating system for above and below grade application.

Wet Surface Application

TC® 7100 is an environment-friendly two component, 100% solids material. A single application to a wet surface can provide in excess of 20 mils of high-build thickness for tough abrasion resistance. This wet bond epoxy can be field-applied as a single or multiple coating above and below fresh water with a paint brush or roller after normal surface preparation.

Basic Use

TC® 7100 Wet bond-Gray is a corrosion preventive epoxy coating developed for coating metal and concrete surfaces above and below the water line. It is used to repair pipeline coatings, for coating irregular fittings and surfaces and is suitable for above and below ground as well as underwater applications.


TC® 7100 Wet Bond-Gray is a unique modified amine cured epoxy coating with a 100% solids content.