PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion System

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  • Steel pipes
  • Welded pipe joints
  • Cooling tower piping
  • Pipe crossings
  • Tank bases
  • Waterproofing & sealing
  • Fire protection – pipe and sprinkler systems
  • Electronic connection boxes
  • Cable splices
  • Marine pilings
PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion System

The PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion System has been developed for long term corrosion protection of metal surfaces underground, underwater, or exposed – even in the most severe environments. It consists of a cold applied system of petrolatum based PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape, PetroWrap Primer, and, where contouring is necessary, PetroWrap Mastic. PetroWrap ensures easy site application without heating, even in the coldest temperatures, and can be applied on damp and indifferently prepared surfaces.

PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion System Components

  • PetroWrap Primer
  • PetroWrap Mastic
  • PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape

PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion System Application Instructions

  1. Remove all contaminants such as dirt, oil, scale and excessive moisture.
  2. Brush PetroWrap Primer A evenly over surface to displace remaining moisture and ensure proper adhesion.
  3. Press PetroWrap Mastic B into surface irregularities to eliminate air pockets.
  4. Wrap PetroWrap Tape C spirally around prepared surface using even tension. An overlap of 55% is recommended to assure total protection.
  5. Finish with PetroWrap Overwrap D applied like PetroWrap Tape to prevent mechanical damage as required.

PetroWrap Primer Paste

PetroWrap Primer Paste is a petrolatum based primer for application on metal surfaces prior to wrapping with PetroWrap Anti Corrosion Tape. It is a preparatory primer that displaces moisture, pacifies
oxides, and fills small irregularities that occur on the surface to be wrapped with PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape. PetroWrap Primer Paste is chemical resistant, impervious to water and will not crack,
dry, or harden. PetroWrap Primer Paste can be applied with either a brush or gloved hand.

PetroWrap Primer Paste
Surface Preparation and Application

Remove loose dirt and contaminants using a wire brush. Eliminate all sharp edges and welding splatter. PetroWrap Primer can be brushed or ragged on with a thin, uniform coat. Utilize heavier application on pitted areas, bolt heads, or any other contoured or sharp surface.
Covers 2 – 5 sq. meters per kilogram.

PetroWrap Primer Paste acts as a bonding agent by displacing excess moisture on metal surfaces prior to wrapping with PetroWrap Anti Corrosion Tape. PetroWrap Primer can be applied in wet environments on new or corroded surfaces. It is not recommended where exposure to strong solvents is likely.

Withstands temperatures 23°F(-5°C) to 113°F(45°C)
Two kilogram tubs are packaged six to a carton.

PetroWrap Mastic

PetroWrap Mastic is a cold applied filler which profiles areas by easing contours on pipe joints, flanges, bolts, and other irregular shapes to be wrapped with PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape. PetroWrap
Mastic consists of saturated neutral petrolatum based compounds, inert fillers, and reinforcing compounds and will not harden even in the most severe climactic conditions.

PetroWrap Mastic is a component of the PetroWrap Anti Corrosion System and is used to fill irregularities on metal surfaces prior to wrapping with PetroWrap Anti Corrosion Tape. Flanges, bolts, mechanical
joints, valves, and connections are some areas where this product can be used. Filling voids prevents air pockets and therefore inhibits rust. Surface should be primed with PetroWrap Primer before Mastic is

PetroWrap Mastic is not recommended where exposure to strong solvents is likely.
Withstands temperatures 23°F(-5°C) to 113°F(45°C)
Three kilogram blocks are packaged eight to a carton.

PetroWrap Mastic
PetroWrap Mastic Requirement Calculations
Flanged Valves
(Kg Mastic)
Flanged Pairs
(Kg Mastic)
50mm 1.35 2.85
75mm 2.15 4.30
100mm 2.85 5.70
150mm 4.30 8.65
200mm 5.70 11.35
250mm 7.25 14.30
300mm 8.65 17.25
350mm 10.00 20.00
400mm 11.35 22.80
450mm 12.85 25.70
500mm 14.30 28.65
610mm 17.25 34.30
760mm 21.35 42.85
915mm 25.90 51.35

PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape

PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape consists of a non-woven, stitch bonded, synthetic fabric which has been fully impregnated with neutral petrolatum based compounds and inert fillers. PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape will not crack, peel, or harden and therefore remains impermeable to moisture and requires no maintenance.


PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape is a non woven stitch bonded synthetic fabric, which is fully impregnated and coated with neutral petrolatum based compounds and inert fillers. Petrolatum based PetroWrap Anti Corrosion Tape is chemically inert and does not polymerize or oxidize and therefore retains its water resistance and dielectric properties over an extended period. It is free of chemical impurities.


All surfaces should be evenly coated with PetroWrap Primer prior to application of PetroWrap Tape.


Pipes wrapped with PetroWrap may be overwrapped with PetroWrap OverWrap tape, a self adhesive PVC tape, for extra protection.


A 55% overlap is recommended, however, a minimum overlap of 15mm may be used on pipes of diameter less than 150mm and a 25mm lap may be used on larger diameter pipes.


PetroWrap Tape exhibits a very high degree of impermeability to water and is unaffected by vibration. It is highly resistant to mineral acids , alkalis, and salts.

PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape
Tensile Strength 200 N/25mm
Thickness 1.3mm minimum
Roll Length 33 ft. (10 meters)
Roll Width 2 – 12 (50mm – 300mm)
Water Vapor
0.12 g/m 2 per 24 hrs. (ASTM E96-66)
Holiday Test 10 KV

PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape is specifically formulated to provide protection in all climactic conditions and is available in the following grades:

  • PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape Moderate Temperature (MT)
    For use in moderate climactic conditions where ambient temperatures vary from -5°C to 45°C
    Average Weight:1445 gm/m2.
  • PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape High Temperature (HT)
    For use in tropical conditions with temperatures up to 70°C.
    Average Weight:1445 gm/m2.
  • PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape Low Temperature (LT)
    For use in cold climactic conditions where temperatures can drop below -5°C.
    Average Weight:1350 gm/m2.
Anti-Corrosion Tape – Physical Properties
Property AWWA Requirement PetroWrap
Dielectric Strength
170 min 250 yes
1016 min 1100 yes
Breaking Strength
3940 min 7200 yes
Elongation at Break
6 min 20 yes
Flash Point celcius 150 min 40 yes
Water Vapor Transmission
1.44 max < 1.0 yes
Petrolatum Components
50 min 60 yes
Drop Melting Point
60 min 84 yes
Cone Penetration
6.1 – 12.7 6.3 yes
PetroWrap Primer and Tape Requirement Calculations
55% Overlap
Min Overlap
    Rolls Width Rolls Width
19mm 1.7 Kg 40 50mm 37 50mm
25mm 2.1 Kg 50 50mm 31 50mm
32mm 2.7 Kg 45 50mm 40 50mm
38mm 3.0 Kg 48 50mm 24 50mm
50mm 3.8 Kg 59 100mm 52 100mm
75mm 5.6 Kg 48 100mm 48 100mm
100mm 7.2 Kg 84 100mm 44 100mm
150mm 10.6 Kg 83 150mm 44 150mm
200mm 13.8 Kg 107 150mm 58 150mm
250mm 17.2 Kg 98 200mm 72 200mm
300mm 20.4 Kg 117 200mm 61 200mm
355mm 22.4 Kg 131 200mm 67 200mm
405mm 25.5 Kg 149 200mm 75 200mm
460mm 28.7 Kg 168 200mm 86 200mm
500mm 31.9 Kg 187 200mm 95 200mm
610mm 38.0 Kg 224 200mm 114 200mm
660mm 41.4 Kg 242 200mm 123 200mm
710mm 44.6 Kg 261 200mm 132 200mm
760mm 47.8 Kg 280 200mm 141 200mm
915mm 57.4 Kg 336 200mm 169 200mm


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