DeFelsko Standards Certified Plastic Shims


Certified Plastic Shims

Certified Plastic Shims (foils) provide an economical alternative to coated metal plates. They have a reduced accuracy of ± 2 μm (±0.08 mil). A coating thickness gage measures shim thickness when this shim is placed over a smooth metal surface (zero plate).

Alternatively, they can be placed over an uncoated metal substrate. They are not suitable for use with magnetic pull-off gages.

Overview of Shims

  • Simulate a coating over a particular substrate material or shape. Gage performance can be conveniently verified on a regular basis as required by some international test methods
  • For use with all Type 2, electronic coating thickness gages
  • Protects the probe from damage or premature wear when placed over hot or abrasive surfaces
  • Can be placed on top of soft or tacky coating films to obtain thickness measurements without the gage probe depressing the coating film

Certified Plastic Shims

DeFelsko Standards Certified Plastic Shims

  • Certified shims provide an economical alternative to Coated Metal Plates but have a reduced accuracy
  • Each shim is packaged in their own plastic protective pouch
  • Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST is included with each shim or set of shims
  • Certified and labeled in both Metric and Imperial units
  • Certified Plastic Shims are available in the following thicknesses (all thicknesses are approximate)


Certified Plastic Shims Specifications
Color Accuracy
CS1 25 μm (1 mil) Orange ± 2 μm
(±0.08 mils)
CS2 50 μm (2 mil) Red
CS3 75 μm (3 mil) Green
CS5 125 μm (5 mil) Blue
CS10 250 μm (10 mil) Brown
CS20 500 μm (20 mil) Yellow
CS40 1000 μm (40 mil) White
CS60 1500 μm (60 mil) Black
CSS Complete set of 8


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