Flange Fink® Test Station


Flange Fink Test Station

The Flange Fink® cathodic protection test station is a special version of the widely used 5 to 11 lead BigFink® or the 2 to 3 lead LittleFink® test station. Both models are designed to be easily mounted on a pipe flange or vault wall. The FlangeFink® test stations provide all the convenience, ruggedness and safety of both standard Fink® test stations. The FlangeFink® test stations are made of high impact strength, non-conductive Lexan®. Both may be used to house resistance bonding hardware or as a terminal for test leads to read:

  • Underground structure-to-soil potentials.
  • Cathodic protection anode currents.
  • The resistive integrity of insulation flanges and joints.
  • The integrity of insulation between all types of underground metallic structures, such as between a carrier and its casing.
  • Stray currents on all types of underground structures.

Flange Fink Test Station

  • Lexan® polycarbonate.
  • May be readily mounted on all types of flanges, vault walls and other types of supports.
  • Self contained shield protects enclosed area from infestation by insects.
  • High-impact strength – molded of Lexan®, one of the world’s toughest plastics which is used to make football helmets, military helmet liners, crash helmets, snow mobile bodies, aircraft windows, etc.
  • Has four times the impact strength of aluminum.
  • One-half the weight of aluminum.
  • Will not rust, corrode, shock, shatter peel, add weight or absorb heat.
  • Has dimensional and electrical stability from -60 degrees F. to +250 degrees F.
  • Stable under ultraviolet attack.
  • Terminals completely accessible from both sides of terminal board.
  • Maintenance free – eliminates painting – comes in a variety of colors.
  • Non-metallic Lexan® drastically reduces shock hazard.
  • Accessories Include: Nickel plated copper bonding straps, calibrated shunts, lightning arrestors, etc.
  • Both the Bigfink® and the LittleFink® can be ordered with a locking device.

Machine screws, washers, hx nuts – marine brass nickel plated (stainless steel hardware available as an option.)

Red,  Orange,  Yellow,  Green,  Blue,  White,  Black,
are standard on Flange Fink®
Any color is available as an option.

Flange Mounting Adapter
fink flange mounting adapter 14 gauge cold rolled steel, zinc plated or fluidized bed coated with PVC or 304 stainless steel. Each test station consists of a lockable cover, a terminal board with integral compression fit base, and a compression nut for clamping the base to the flange adapter. Also included is a metal flange or vault wall mounting adapter and complete hardware. Wiring and other accessories are available on request.


  • Single (2 lead) FlangeFink®
  • Double (3 lead) FlangeFink®
  • Single (5 lead) FlangeFink®
  • Double (8 lead) FlangeFink®


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