Cott Pipeline Marker FinkPlate®


Cott Pipeline Marker FinkPlate®

FinkPlate pipeline marker

The FinkPlate 702 and 703 cathodic protection test station and telecommunication terminal blocks are an economical upgrade for several configurations of the 2″ and 3′ diameter CottMark® right of way marker system. Manufactured from high strength thermoplastic alloys, FinkPlate Models 702 and 703 are field proven, maintenance free terminals for monitoring electric currents and potentials as well as housings for surge arrestors, lightning arrestors, shunts, resistors, gas valves, ground bonds, talk terminals and pressure monitors.

Finkplate drawing


COTTDome® hemi head cylinder is made from a tough thermoplastic alloy that resists attack by airborne chemicals and ultraviolet light.

FINKPlate terminal board, like every Fink, is made from high strength polycarbonate.

Standard COTTConnectors® are 18-8 stainless steel and designed for easy cable hook up. One inch centers mount standard Cott accessories including COTTShunt®.

CottPipe® PE support post has over 20 years field proven durability.

COTTMark® right of way marker guaranteed legible for the service life of the marker. (Optional)


Red,  Orange,  Yellow,  Green,  Blue,  White and Black are standard on CottDome®, CottMark®, CottPipe®, andFinkPlate®. Any color is available as an option.