Rhino 1-Rail Marking Posts from Blackburn


Rhino 1-Rail Marking Posts from Blackburn

rhino 1rail design
rhino 1 rail

The Rhino 1-Rail is a rugged, lightweight, fiber-reinforced composite underground utility marker post. The reinforcing rib and driving ridges make it rigid enough to be installed easily in most soil conditions.

The 1-Rail design allows the post to bend over when hit, then snap back to its original upright position.

A marker posts primary function is to support a warning message that will prevent an excavator from digging without calling for a locate. Our standard color fast decals use sharply contrasting colors and incorporate the international No-Dig symbol. This ensures that non-English speaking excavators will get the message! Use the 811 logo if you are a One-Call member in the United States.

Fade Resistance

Rhino’s 1-Rail is saturated with bright pigments and UV stabilizers, and an extra layer of protection is added with Rhino’s SunCoat.

For even greater fade resistance, order the optional PolyTech CoatingT that protects from fading and fiberbloom for at least ten years.

Temperature-Stable Range

-40? F to +140? F

profile drawing


72″ (6 feet)
84″ (7 feet)
96″ (8 feet)
Custom lengths available.


Orange,  Yellow,  White,  Blue,  Green,  Purple,  Gray,  Brown,  Red.
Custom colors are available on orders of 300 or more.