Concrete Reference Electrodes


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Two reference electrodes optimized for use in reinforced concrete. One model for bridge decks, garages, etc. and the other for marine use. Also in this group are concrete probes (rebar, steel, and graph ite) used as cathodic protection coupons or polarization probes.

Concrete Reference Electrode


EDI bagged concrete reference electrodes, Model CB, have a thermodynamically stable Ag/AgCl element packaged in a cotton bag housing containing a proprietary backfill. This design provides good electronic and mechanical bonding to the structure through wide temperature variations. Model CB is typically used in bridge decks and substructures, parking garages, docks and buildings. This electrode has a design life of 25 years.

Model CM can be used in all types of concrete structures. When this electrode is used in seawater applications, where the chloride level of the pore water is expected to remain nearly constant, it functions as a reference electrode providing stable reproducible potential readings. When used in other structures in which the chloride level can vary slowly over time, Model CM provides short term stability suitable for depolarization measurements.

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Bagged Concrete Reference Electrode (Model CB) data sheet
Marine Concrete Reference Electrode (Model CM) data sheet