Zerust Vapor Capsules


Zerust Vapor Capsules

For over 30 years, Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC) has used proprietary Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) to protect metal substrates across numerous industries. The specific solution recommended for electronics and electrical control boxes is NTIC’s line of Zerust ICT® Vapor Capsules. These capsules are available in various sizes to suit multiple applications.

Zerust ICT Vapor Capsules are easily installed in a matter of seconds without tools or specialized labor. Simply peel the cover tape from the adhesive backing and affix to most surfaces. The capsules protect metals for 1 to 2 years, depending on the product model.

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Offshore oil platforms, refineries, and other such facilities typically operate in a humid, aggressive corrosion environment. Corrosion of automation systems, electrical control boxes, retail fuel pump meters, connectors, contacts, relays, switches and printed circuit boards, causes unscheduled maintenance and reliability issues at these facilities. Few enclosures containing electrical equipment can be economically protected by air conditioning or a fully hermetic vacuum seal. Even explosion-proof housings aspirate ambient air through the long thread channel of the cast housings and by diffusion through seals and gaskets. Traditional protection methods such as painting, greases, electrical heaters inside control boxes to prevent condensation, etc. are not effective.

Problems caused by electrical equipment corrosion include resistivity changes and intermittent contact failures in critical alarm and control functions, added local heating and power loss in critical components, solderability issues for circuit boards, changing the calibration of analog meters and, ultimately the integrity of cabinets are compromised.


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