Universal Rectifier Water Tank Rectifiers


Universal Rectifier Water Tank Rectifiers

Low output, low cost, lightweight cathodic protection rectifiers for underground storage tanks and other low DC power cathodic protection applications maximum 200 watts & 10 amps

Universal Rectifier Water Tank Rectifiers

Universal Rectifier Standard Potential Watertank Rectifier Universal Rectifier Internal View Watertank Rectifier Universal Rectifier IR Free Potential Watertank Rectifier


The “W” series auto potential controlled rectifier is specifically designed for the Water Tank Industry. Using proven, dependable solid state control boards to maintain strict “Standard On” or “I.R.Free” potentials. Easy read Bright LED Digital meters for accurate readings of volts, amps and potentials. This compact, light weight rectifier can easily be mounted on tank walls or posts by one person.

Universal Rectifier Water Tank Rectifier Features

  • Nema 4x Diamond Shield CSA Approved enclosure with “Solarguard” double UV protection
  • Stainless steel hinge and latches.
  • All major components mounted on an aluminum chassis with Universal’s unique cooling design.
  • Non conductive shock resistant front panel for safety
  • All Circuit Breakers – No Fuses
  • Universal’s proven solid state potential control circuit with built in voltage and current control modes.
  • Fully protected input and output circuits with fast-acting re-settable circuit breakers (NO FUSES).
  • Separate Digital LED meters for volts, amps and potential w/ amp readings down to 10 milliamps
  • All readings can be verified from front panel.
  • Accessible front panel Total precision shunt
  • Hinged front panel for easy access to components
  • Multiple reference cell operation with built in reference cell failure shut down.
  • Automatic or Manual operation.
  • Versatile mounting for post, rack or wall
  • Most models weighing less than 35 pounds.
  • Wide range of output ratings available.

Universal Rectifier Water Tank Rectifier Options

Universal Rectifier Watertank Rectifier Case Universal Rectifier Watertank Rectifier Face


  • Standard Potential or IR Drop Free Potential
  • Potential Monitor with Red & Green Lights
  • AC & DC Lighting Protection
  • Riser Circuit with 50 Watt 22 Ohm Rheostat, Shunt & Breaker

Universal Rectifier Water Tank Rectifier Dimensions

Universal Rectifier Watertank Rectifier Dimensions Universal Rectifier Watertank Rectifier Dimensions

Universal Rectifier Water Tank Line Rectifier Ordering Code/Model Number

  1. Position #1: MODEL
    • W = Watertank
  2. Position #2: OUTPUT CONTROL TYPE
    • P = STD. Potential
    • I = IR Free Potential
  3. Position #3: TYPE
    • A = Air Cooled
  4. Position #4: STACK TYPE
    • i = Silicon
  5. Position #5: DC OUTPUT VOLTAGE
    • List DC Voltage Desired (see available ratings below)
  6. Position #6: DC OUTPUT CURRENT
    • List DC Current Desired (see available ratings below)
    • G = 115 VAC Single Phase 60 Hertz
    • K = Potential Monitor (Red and Green Status Lights)
    • C = AC & DC Lightning Arrestors
    • S = Riser Ckt with 500 watt 22 Ohm Rheostat, Shunt and Breaker


*Standard Ratings
12 Volt – 5 Amp 30 Volt – 5 Amp
12 Volt – 10 Amp 20 Volt – 8 Amp
20 Volt – 5 Amp 40 Volt – 5 Amp
20 Volt – 10 Amp Special rating consult Allied