Tapecoat High Temperature Mesh Fabric Coating


Tapecoat® HT/MB High Temperature Coating exceeds all performance criteria for prevention of corrosion of buried pipelines, pipe joints/fittings, and other metal surfaces.

Tapecoat® HT/MB and TC® 7030 are recommended for use on high-temp pipelines with a maximum constant operating temperature of up to 310°F (154 °C).

Tapecoat® HT/MB Tape System with TC® 7000 Epoxy Primer is the recommended system for use on high-temp pipelines with maximum constant operating temperatures of up to 310°F (154°C)

Tapecoat® HT/MB is a 40 mil coating, applied with a 50% overlap, for below grade application. Tapecoat® HT/MB is a cold applied, self-adhering coating that is impermeable to water and salt. An aggressive high temperature adhesive is laminated to the HT/MB polypropylene mesh backing. The woven mesh backing gives the coating added strength against soil stress. Appropriate for coating below grade pipe with operation temperatures up to 300°F. Use TC® OMNIPRIME primer when operation temperatures will not exceed 180°F; use TC® 7000 EPOXY as a primer for operation temperatures to 300°F.