Tapecoat Epoxy Coating – TC® Wet Bond Flexible Epoxy

Wet Bond Flexible Epoxy

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Tapecoat Epoxy Coating
TC Wet Bond Flexible Epoxy

Tapecoate Epoxy Coating TC® Wet Bond Flexible Mastic

Corrosion Preventive Coating for Wet Surfaces
TC® Wet Bond Flexible Epoxy Mastic® is a corrosion preventive epoxy coating developed for coating metal and concrete surfaces above and below the water line. This protective epoxy is also suitable for wet surfaces above and below ground and for underwater applications in fresh water environments.

It can be used to repair pipeline coatings, for coating irregular fittings and surfaces, and to perform general maintenance coatings repair in regulator vaults. TC® Wet Bond Flexible Epoxy Mastic is ideal for the repair of damaged plant-applied coatings including coal tar enamel.

Technical Data (at 40 mils)
VOC: O lbs /gal (kg/L)
Solids: 100% by volume
Coverage: 40ft2/gal (40 mils) ( m2/liter)=1.0 m2/liter (1.0mm)
Color: Gray or Black
Curing time @ 70°F: 4 to 8 hours
Application temp: 40-120°F (4-49°C)
Operating temp: -40-165°F (-4-74°C)
Thickness: 40 mils (10 mm)
Weight per gallon: 10.6 lbs
Resin: 11.2 lbs / (kg)=5.0 kg
Hardener: 8.3 lbs
Shore A-2 Durometer: 90 to 100

TC® Wet Bond-Flexible Epoxy Mastic is a unique modified amine cured epoxy coating with a 100% solids content.

Surface Preparation
Remove all contaminants that would impede bond. Use effective cleaning procedures to remove: rust, dirt, oil and grease. This may include the use of high-pressure fresh water cleaning, using suitable solvents or detergents to SSPC-SP 1 or abrasive blast to SSPC-SP 6.

Environment: Use only where application and curing can proceed at temperatures above 40?F (4?C). The temperature of the surface and that of the coating itself must also be within these limits. Apply only on a clean surface.

Mixing: Pour entire contents of hardener container into the resin container and mix thoroughly until homogeneously mixed, approx. 3-5 minutes.

Application Method: Apply epoxy by brush or pad.