Rhino Triview Flex Marking Posts from Blackburn


Rhino Triview Flex Marking Posts from Blackburn


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Rhino Triview Drawing

The TriView Marking System provides 360° visibility solutions to many damage prevention marking needs. The TriView’s patented design provides visibility from any angle. Decals on all sides ensure your entire message is seen by excavators and property owners. The highly visible Rhino TriView’s triangular design ensures that your warning message can be seen from any direction.

The Rhino TriView is so durable and flexible that it can withstand repeated vehicle impacts up to 50 MPH and still snap back to its original upright position. The versatile post has ultraviolet light stabilizers that keep the bright color of the post from fading in the sun. The Rhino TriView is temperature stable from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to +150 degrees. Watch a video of the TriView surviving vehicle impacts. Examine a collection of applications suitable for the TriView.

Colors and Lengths

Standard post colors are yellow, white, orange, blue, green, red, purple and brown. Two-Tone posts are available in these same colors.
Standard cap color is black. Optional cap colors are red, yellow, blue, orange and white.
Standard lengths are 22”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 66”, 72”, 78”, 84” and 90”.
Custom color posts and caps and custom lengths are available and may require a minimumorder.


A marker post’s primary function is to support a warning message that will prevent an excavator from digging without calling for a locate. Our standard color fast decals use sharply contrasting colors and incorporate the international No-Dig symbol. This ensures that non-English speaking excavators will get the message! The 811 logo is also available on most standard decals. Use the 811 logo if you are a One-Call member in the United States.


Terminals may be added to the Rhino TriView™, converting it to a cathodic protection test station, a shield insulation point, or a tracer wire terminal. The Rhino TriView™ test station comes in two models, with the terminals protected from the elements, or with the terminals exposed for easy access.