Cott Pipeline Marker CottMark®


Cott Pipeline Marker CottMark®

CottMark pipeline marker

CottMark® CP Test Station

The CottMark® warning sign and utility right of way marker system is a guaranteed, versatile, high strength, lightweight, maintenance free method of identifying and marking buried:

  • Telephone Cables
  • Electric Cables
  • Television Cables
  • Petroleum Pipelines
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Chemical Pipelines
  • Water Pipelines
  • Sewage Pipelines

High Visibility

Bright colors, cylindrical shape and variable height insures that the marker can be seen from all angles on the ground. Easily seen by air patrols. Can be internally lighted for 24 hour marking on critical locations.


Can be used with Cott’s Big Fink® as a cable termination box, electrical junction box or cathodic protection test station. Models also available for aerial marking and casing vents.


Patented graphic system molds signs directly into the CottMark®. The warning sign is guaranteed not to fade, peel or disbond for the life of the linemarker. All warning signs are custom designed for each utility or pipeline and conform to the spirit and letter of U.S. Department of Transportation Regulations 192.707 and 195.410.

Strong and Maintenance Free

Molded from engineering grade plastics, CottMark® has twice the impact resistance of aluminum, four times the resistance of PVC yet weighs 1/8 as much as a steel post. Unlike metal signs, CottMark® will not corrode, shatter or peel. The integral color never requires painting to preserve its factory appearance. Maintains complete dimensional stability from -40 degrees F. (-40 degrees C.) to 175 degrees F (80 degrees C).


Non-conductive plastic drastically reduces shock hazard from induced current or short circuits. All plastic construction virtually eliminates impact damage to vehicles and people.


Red,  Orange,  Yellow,  Green,  Blue,  White and Black are standard on CottMark®. Any color is available as an option.


Available in 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″ nominal pipe sizes. Standard length is 6 feet. Special order lengths to 40 feet.