Loresco SC-3® Impressed Current Backfill

Loresco SC-3® is the finest earth contact Backfill in the Loresco line. A dust-free carbon product, sized and surface modified with wetting agents added. Dramatically lowers system operating resistivity in both surface and deep anode systems by 40%. Recommended for installations requiring highest quality electronic contact between anode and Backfill.


Loresco SC-3®

Loresco SC-3® Super Conducting earth contact Backfill.
Loresco SC-3® is a surface modified, blended, and sized carbon Backfill with surfactants.
Loresco SC-3® is designed specifically for demanding anode systems which mandate a low resistivity medium.

Loresco type SC-3® is a dust-free product and, according to EPA extraction tests, is extremely pure and complies with regulations governing buried products. Utilizing a modified industrial standard method for testing permeability (API RP-27), SC-3® will mitigate fluid interchange between aquifers.

Loresco SC-3® is produced specifically for cathodic protection applications using an exclusive multi-step process. First, a high quality base carbon with desired characteristics is selected. Next, this carbon is calcined to a minimum temperature of 1250? C under exacting and controlled standards. This step results in semi-graphitized carbon particles with excellent conductivity. Then, to further improve bulk conductivity, the surfaces of the individual particles are modified to enhance the contact conductance. This breakthrough in surface alteration ensures maximum electronic current transfer with positive anode contact. Finally, a specially formulated surfactant is added to reduce particle surface tension for compact settling under water.

The bulk density and high fixed carbon content coupled with the assured low resistivity medium allows for longer groundbed life at a lower operating cost.

Loresco SC-3® is the recommended product for high current installations. Specify Loresco SC-3® Super-Conducting Premium Earth Contact Backfill.


Loresco SC-3®, due to its dust-free manufacture, is simple to install by either mixing and pumping or by pouring. With deep anode systems, pumping from the bottom up is recommended. Loresco SC-3® has superb pumping qualities due to the addition of surfactants and when agitated in water, takes on the characteristics of heavy mud. A recommended mix is seven gallons of water per one hundred pounds. After installing SC-3®, allow twenty-four hours settling time before energizing. The modified surface of the carbon particles coupled with the action of the surfactants in SC-3® will achieve positive electrical contact by settling. Vibrating or compacting is not necessary.


  • Bulk Density: 74 lbs. per cubic foot.
  • Fixed carbon content is greater than 99.35% by weight.
  • Predomiantly round particles.
  • All particles surface modified for maximum electrical conductivity.
  • Particle Sizing: To be dust free with a maximum particle size of 1mm.
  • Minimum calcination temperature of base materials is 1250?C.
  • Base materials are calcined under ISO 9002 quality control.
  • Surfactants are added to assist pumping and settling.
  • No de-dusting oils are used during the manufacture of base particles.

Shipping Data

Loresco products are shipped in 501 pound (22.7 kg) coated, woven polypropylene2 bags. Products may be stored outside for limited periods (not to exceed four hundred hours of sunlight). Pallets are available with 501 bags per pallet. Proven export packaging is also available.

(1) SW is shipped with 40 bags per pallet. EnviroCoke IV™ is shipped with 45 bags per pallet.
(2) EnviroCoke IV™ is packaged in 50-pound plastic-lined multi-wall paper bags.