Flush Fink® Test Station


Flush Fink® Test Station

The Flush Fink® cathodic protection test station and terminal enclosure is a high strength, maintenance free, non-conductive, flush mounted below ground terminal. Its patented “Bell Jar” design keeps test leads dry even when the enclosure is covered by flood water. Field proven since 1978.

Flush Fink Test Station

Cathodic Protection Test Station

  • Watertight Bell, Terminal Board and Housing – made from Makroblend® polycarbonate alloy, one of the worlds toughest plastics. Flush Fink® is impervious to impact, traffic loads and chemical spills common to street usage.
  • Hardware – Standard nickel plated brass or optional stainless steel for guaranteed long service life. Up to 11 terminals accessible from both sides of the board.
  • Accessories – All Flush Fink® terminal boards can accommodate CottShunts® Slide Resistors, Rheostats, CottMeters® (Volt or Amp), Burndy connectors, Cott bonding/shorting straps, Banana Jacks, and lightning arrestors.
  • Colors – Red,  Orange,  Yellow,  Green,  Blue,  White,  Black, are standard on Flush Fink® and COTTPipe®. Any color is available as an option.
  • Support Post – CottPipe® PE (standard) polyethylene blend has over 20 years of proven durability. CottPipe® PC (optional) polycarbonate is available for the toughest applications. Standard length 1 foot – available to 40 feet with Cott’s Telescoping Extender.
  • Dimensions – 5-1/2″ Diameter x 8″ height fits 4″ schedule 40 pipe.


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