DeFelsko PosiTector® PC Powder Checker

Positector PC Powder Checker PosiTector® PC Powder Checker Features

Affordably measures uncured powder coatings using non-contact ultrasonic technology to automatically calculate and display a predicted cured thickness.

  1. Simple
    • Hand-held, battery operated
    • No calibration adjustment required for most powders
    • Thickness results appear on both base unit and probe
    • Bi-color indicator light-ideal in a noisy environment
  2. Durable
    • Solvent, acid, oil, water and dust resistant – ideal for powder coating environments
    • Shock-absorbing, protective rubber holster with belt loop and magnetic mount for easy storage
    • Replaceable screen protects the probe
    • Two year warranty on both base unit and probe
  3. Accurate
    • Conforms to ASTM D7378
    • Advanced new technology allows measurement on small tubes, odd shapes and moving parts
    • Easy calibration adjustment options improve accuracy on unusual powders or substrates
  4. Versatile
    • Wireless probe communicates with base unit up to 10m away. (30 feet)
    • No cable to risk disturbing applied powder
    • Selectable display languages
    • Backlit displays for dim or dark environments
    • Long battery life – uses standard alkaline batteries
  5. Powerful
    • Continually displays/updates basic statistics including min/max and average
    • USB Mass Storage of 1,000 readings in up to 100 batches
    • Built-in IR port for printing stored results to an optional wireless printer
    • USB port for fast and easy connection to a PC and to supply continuous power
    • No download software required. The gage generates formatted reports with measurement summaries and charts
    • Live measurement results can be sent to a data collector or spray booth controller


Rugged Features

Positector PC Powder Checker

The PosiTector® PC Powder Checker was designed for use in industrial powder coating environments.


Probe Display

Positector PC Powder Checker

An overview of the display during the measurement process (button pressed).



Positector PC Powder Checker

The PosiTector® PC can display basic statistical information as measurements are taken. Continually displays/updates statistics including min/max and average.



The PosiTector® PC can record 1,000 measurements in up to 100 groups (batches) for on-screen statistical purposes (as shown above), for printing to an optional IR printer, or for transferring to a computer using the included USB cable. Readings are time-stamped as they are taken.

USB Mass Storage:The PosiTector® PC Powder Checker uses a USB mass storage device class which provides a simple interface to retrieve data in a manner similar to USB flash drives, cameras, or digital audio players.

Any computer can view and download measurements stored in memory (in batches) by navigating a virtual drive labeled POWDER using the included USB cable.

Positector PC Powder Checker

A formatted HTML report is viewed by selecting the “index.html” file found in the root directory. Additionally, delimited text files (.txt) are located in each batch folder for easy import into database, spreadsheet and other compatible applications.


Transferring Live Measurement Results

Positector PC Powder Checker

Live measurement results can be sent to data collection software or spray booth controller using a serial gadget driver and the provided USB cable.


Selectable Display Languages

Positector PC Powder Checker

Display Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Czech, Polish and Korean.


Optional IR Printer

  • Receives data via an invisible infrared beam.
  • Prints both text and graphics
  • Light weight
  • Prints to Thermal Transfer Paper (no ink required)
  • One year Warranty

Positector PC Powder Checker

IR Printer receives data via wireless infrared.


PC Powder Checker Specifications
Range 20 – 110 μm ( 0.8 – 4.3 mils)
Resolution 1 μm (0.05 mils)
Accuracy ± 5 μm (± 0.2 mils)
Measurement Time 2 – 5 seconds
Measurement Distance to Powder 18 mm (0.75 inch)
Measurement Area 2 mm (0.08 inch)


Positector PC Powder Checker Case

Base Unit

  • Size: 146 x 64 x 31 mm (5.75″ x 2.5″ x 1.2″)
  • Weight: 165 g (5.8 oz.) without batteries


  • Size: 222 x Ø50 mm (8.75″ x Ø2.0″)
  • Weight: 272 g (9.6 oz.) without batteries


The PC Powder Checker come complete with base unit and probe, protective rubber holster with belt loop and magnetic mount, probe fixture, 3 AAA batteries (base unit), 3 AA batteries (probe), instructions, instructional video, replacement probe screen, USB cable, carabiner and wrist strap, durable carrying case, two (2) year warranty.

<p”question”>Is there only one model?

Yes. The PosiTector® PC Powder Checker measures from 20 to 110 microns (0.8 to 4.3 mils) and is suitable for a majority of powder applications.

Why measure uncured powder?

Coatings must be applied within certain minimum and maximum dry film thickness specifications. But waiting to measure coating thickness after curing can result in product waste and production delays. Accurate measurement at the time of application:

  • Eliminates over usage
  • Improves quality
  • Controls set-up
  • Reduces waste
  • Saves money!

Are there simpler, cheaper ways to measure powder height?

Handy, inexpensive powder combs are available. However, coating powders diminish in thickness during the curing process, so measuring powder height in the pre-cured, pre-gelled state requires a correlation factor be calculated and applied to every measurement for every powder. Marks will be made in the powder that may not be covered when the powder flows in the cure process

Can I measure cured powder thickness with the PosiTector® PC post cure?

No. The PosiTector® PC only predicts cured thickness by measuring applied, uncured powder. Use the PosiTector® 6000 to measure the post-cured powder coating thickness.

Does the PosiTector® PC imprint or dimple the powder?

No contact is made during measurement and there are no cables to accidentally brush and disturb the powder.

Does it comply with any industry standards documents?

The PosiTector® PC complies with ASTM D7378, “Standard Practice for Measurement of Thickness of Applied Coating Powders to Predict Cured Thickness”.

How do you operate the PosiTector® PC?

Turn both the base unit and probe on, press the probe button and hold it 18 mm (0.75″) from the part for 2 to 5 seconds. The predicted cured thickness result immediately appears on both the probe and base unit displays.

How far away can the wireless probe be from the base unit to measure remotely?

The wireless probe has a range of 10m (30 ft.). The base unit can attach to your belt, remain in the carry case, or conveniently attach magnetically to a nearby steel structure.

What happens if I move the probe further than 10m (30ft) from the base unit?

Communication between both units will temporarily cease if they are moved beyond radio range of each other. The probe will simply stop working but will resume operation when brought back within radio range of the base unit.

How do I know that the base unit has received my readings?

The instrument will not operate unless the probe and base unit are communicating with each other. Set-up is immediate and automatic. Each measurement result is displayed on both the probe and base unit. Both units beep and flash simultaneously. Both will power-down automatically after a period of no activity.

Can I connect other probes?

No. The base unit can only communicate with ONE probe using a permanent Bluetooth connection. If either the probe or the base unit should need repair, both must be returned for service

Can I pair the probe with another Bluetooth device?

No. The data transmitted between the probe and the base unit is secure . Neither the probe nor base unit can be paired with another Bluetooth device. The probe will only communicate with the base unit.

Can I download readings stored in memory from the gage to a PC using Bluetooth?

No. While the probe and base unit communicate via Bluetooth, readings stored in the base unit’s memory are accessed using the supplied USB cable.

What is USB Mass Storage?

USB Mass storage is an internal memory storage file system in the base unit that stores 1,000 readings in up to 100 batches. Stored readings are accessed using a common USB cable in a manner similar to flash (thumb) drives, cameras or digital audio players. Navigate to readings and reports using your computer’s browser. Simple. Most personal computers support USB.

What are the benefits of Mass Storage?

There is no need to install software onto your computer. Modern operating systems can read directly from the PosiTector® PC without installing device drivers. Connect the PosiTector® PC to a USB port and have immediate access to your measurement data and charts. One-click printing of formatted reports, or cut-and-paste into your application.

Do I have to hold the probe steady during measurement?

No. In fact, the instrument performs best when there is slight movement. It was designed to measure moving parts on hooks.

When measuring, the result on the probe and base unit occasionally changes by several digits after I remove my finger from the probe. Is this OK?

Yes, this is normal operation. There is a queue of samples that are still being processed after the button is released.

What types of batteries are used?

The wireless probe uses 3 “AA” alkaline batteries. The base unit uses 3 “AAA” alkaline batteries. Battery icons display a full bar with fresh alkaline batteries installed. As the batteries weaken, the bar will be reduced. When the battery icon is low, the instrument can still be used, but the batteries should be changed at the earliest opportunity.

What are the optional accessories?

The PosiTector® PC has 2 available options.

  • IR Printer receives data via wireless infrared
  • Replacement probe screens (Qty 2) to protect the probe transducer

DeFelsko PosiTector® PC Powder Checker

DeFelsko PosiTector® PC Powder Checker

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