D.E. Stearns Peak Reading Voltmeter Model PRM

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D.E. Stearns Peak Reading Voltmeter Model PRM

D. E. Stearns Peak Reading Voltmeter Model PRM

Stearns Peak Reading Voltmeter Model PRM

The D.E. Stearns Company Model PRM Peak Reading Voltmeter is designed to measure the peak value of high voltage pulses within its scale range, with a maximum capacity of 40 Kilovolts. Measurement can be made of peak values with rise time of less that one millionth of a second.

The Model PRM Voltmeter is portable and is ideal for use in the field or laboratory, for measuring the output voltage of spark type holiday detectors.

The Model PRM may be used with the DE Stearns Models 20, 20-S and 14/20 Holiday Detectors.

The Model PRM may also be used in design or production testing to measure ignition voltages, over-voltages caused by switching of electrical circuits and other voltages that often accompany high potential testing. Absolute Modularized Solid State construction assures dependability and virtually eliminates maintenance.


  • Modularized Solid State Construction
  • Large 5 digit LED display
  • Easy to Operate
  • Lightweight – Portable
  • Standard type AA (6) Batteries
  • Very strong, weather resistant Thermal Plastic Resin case

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