Voltmeter Verifier Model VC-1

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Voltmeter Verifier Model VC-1

Voltmeter Verifier Model VC-1

The VC-1 Verifier is the ultimate voltmeter companion. The newest product from Tinker & Rasor, the VC-1 is an exceptionally accurate and easy to use verifying device. Using the VC-1, your voltmeter is fed 1.0 vDC, 1.5 vDC or 2.0 vDC, quickly verifying your reading. The Verifier’s accuracy is ±0.002v, far exceeding most voltmeters accuracy limits of ±0.05v. The Verifier features a built-in battery test circuit and LED, two universal terminal posts accepting most connectors including banana plugs, and a three position voltage selector. Use the VC-1 Verifier on all popular voltmeters, including the Tinker & Rasor CPV-2 and CPV-4.

Tinker & Rasor Voltmeter Verifier Model VC-1

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