Tuff-N-Nuff® Pipeline Rock Shield

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Tuff-N-Nuff® Pipeline Rock Shield

Protect your Pipeline from Rocks and Backfill with a Porous, Non-Woven Mat of Flexible PVC Strands. Protection From Direct Impact During Installation, and Long-Term Protection of Pipeline Coating from Hard Objects in Backfill.

Pipeline Rock Shield

Tuff-N-Nuff® is a rockshield comprised of small diameter (approximately 0.050″) strands of flexible PVC which form a porous, non-woven mat. These strands are bonded to each other in a controlled random pattern during production. Tuff-N-Nuff® protects pipeline coatings from direct impact during backfill operations. It also provides long-term protection by keeping hard objects in the backfill from coming into contact with the pipeline coating. Tuff-N-Nuff® also protects the pipeline coating from these abrasive objects as lateral and longitudinal movements occur once the pipeline is placed into service. In addition, Tuff-N-Nuff® does not shield cathodic protection being supplied to pipelines.

Pipeline Wrapped in Yellow Rockshield
A pipeline wrapped in rockshield resists damage from backfill during and after burial.
workers stand beside pipeline that goes along the road
A pipeline is wrapped in Tuff-N-Nuff® Rock Shield, so that it will remain damage-free during backfilling.


Tuff-N-Nuff® is available in two standard product thicknesses – 1/4″ and 3/8″ (6.35 mm and 9.52 mm). Rolls are provided for pipeline diameters up to and including 20″, with a width matching the pipeline circumference plus a nominal 4-inch overlap. Standard rolls are 30 feet long, but can be produced in any practical length that can be easily lifted on the jobsite, typically not exceeding 60 feet in length. Pads are provided for pipelines greater than 20″ in diameter, with a width matching the pipeline circumference plus a nominal 4-inch overlap. Standard pad lengths are 72″ (36″ width available upon request).

Sizing Chart

Table listing the recommended roll width and length for pipeline diameter
Table listing the recommended pad width for pipeline diameter

Product Details

Mass per Unit Area
0.860 (Minimum) (ASTM D-792)

Design Benefits

  • Porous and Random Strand Matrix Design Does Not Shield Cathodic Protection
  • PVC Product Construction Reduces the Impact Load Transfer Onto the Pipe During Backfilling
  • Flexible, Lightweight Material Allows for Quck and Inexpensive Installation, Even in Extreme Arctic Temperatures
  • Custom Sizes are Available for Every Pipeline Diameter (Zero Waste)
  • Safety Yellow Color Helps to Identify Pipeline During Dig-Ups
  • Eliminates the Need for Select Fill, as the On-Site Native Soil can be used to Backfill the Pipeline

Tested, Proven and Trusted Product

  • Laboratory and Field Tested to Protect FBE Coated Steel from Rocky or Harsh Backfill material.
  • Unmatched Impact Resistance Results in the Modified ASTM G-13 Rock Drop Testing
  • Durable Product Which Exhibits Excellent Physical and Performance Properties
  • Proven Rockshield Product Trusted for Nearly 30 Years
  • Manufacturing Capacity to Support Large Scale Pipeline Products
  • Most Widely Used Rockshield in the United States and Canada
Construction workers use the cigarette method to wrap a pipeline
TUFF-N-NUFF® Rockshield is made of a flexible, lightweight material that is easy-to-install, even in extreme cold temperatures
Construction workers cover a pipeline with rockshield
Cigarette wrapping is the recommended method to cover pipelines with diameters less than 20".

Installation Procedures

Pipeline Rock Shield is installed in any of three ways, depending on pipeline diameter, available equipment, and contractor’s choice.

Cigarette Wrap Method

Unroll TUFF-N-NUFF Rolls along the top of the pipe allowing the free edges to hang down.
Secure the free edges in place with monofilament tape or nonmetallic strapping overlapping the ends at the 6 o’clock position of the pipe for maximum protection.
  • Recommended for Pipelines Measuring 20" in Diameter or Less
  • The Width of the TUFF-N-NUFF Should Equal the Circumference of the Pipe Plus an Overlap of 4"

Pad Installation

Lay the TUFF-N-NUFF pads along the top of the pipe lengthwise.
Wrap the pads around the circumference of the pipe, with ends overlapped approximately 2″ to 4″ at the 6 o’clock position.
Secure the pads in place with monofilament tape or non-metallic strapping.
Lay the next TUFF-N-NUFF pad along the top of the pipe, overlapping the previous pad by 1″ to 2″.
  • Recommended for Larger Pipelines
  • TUFF-N-NUFF Pads are 72" Long
  • The Width of the TUFF-N-NUFF Should Equal the Circumference of the Pipe Plus an Overlap of 2-4"

Spiral Wrap Method

Spiral wrap the TUFF-N-NUFF rolls around the pipe by hand or with a spiral wrap tape machine.
  • Spiral Wrapping works on Any Size Pipeline

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