Tuff-N-Nuff® RIP Shield

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R.I.P. Shield

RIP Shield is the only rock shield product in the industry with a built-in “hinge” to allow it to conform around small inch distribution lines. Convenient 60 ft. rolls make RIP Shield ideal for natural gas distribution, cable and fiber optic lines 2″ diameter or smaller.

Tuff-N-Nuff R.I.P. Shield

Tuff-N-Nuff R.I.P Shield

R.I.P. Rock Shield is a protective rock shield that is utilized in place of select backfill for pipes with diameter less than or equal to 2″.

The R.I.P. Shield Advantage

  • Can eliminate the need for select back fill.
  • Ensures a full protective encirclement for PE gas mains and services, water and sewer piping, triplex electrical cable, coaxial cable, and fiber optic conduit.
  • Protects from rock migration and soil erosion sometimes associated with select back fill.
  • Maintains consistent and uniform installation.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces waste (excess select fill material).
  • Provides a protective color-coded warning barrier.
  • Provides an insulator between carrier pipe and tracer wire.
  • Prevents damage to pipe/cable surface resulting from hand excavation.

Why Should I use R.I.P. Shield

  • Easy to install: Flexible, no need for strapping.
  • Easily removed for future tie-ins and repairs.
  • Porous / Does not trap water.
  • Product design easily supports double wrapping should extra protection be required.
  • Ideal for URD (Underground Residential Development) / Common Trenching.
  • Eliminates environmental concerns resulting from off site disposal of excavated spoil.
  • Convenient size rolls.

R.I.P. Shield vs Select Fill

  • Tuff-N-Nuff / R.I.P. Shield = 95% material cost / 5% labor (average installation time for a 60′ service = 10-15 minutes)
  • Select Fill = +/- 40% material cost / +/- 60% Other (Labor, equipment etc.)

Why Use R.I.P. Shield Instead of Large Diameter Casing

  • Should the carrier ever leak, the casing will transfer the gas away from its point of origin. Inherent problems are created as a result of gas leak migration. (Gas Industry)
  • Must insert carrier into casing prior to service connection
  • Must ensure the casing is watertight. Should water penetrate the annular space and freeze, the carrier pipe could potentially be squeezed and restrict the flow of gas. (Gas Industry)
  • Removal of PE casing for tie-ins or repairs can be difficult and potentially damaging to carrier pipe. (Gas Industry)
  • Handling of casing reduces the amount of carrier pipe the service crew can haul.

Product Description/Specification

  • 11mm thick PVC strand extruded
  • Patented mesh design
  • Standard roll length: 60 ft
  • Standard roll diameter: 24″
  • Standard roll weight; 0.825 lb per square foot / 50 lbs per roll
  • Impact Strength (ASTM G14)
    A load of 200 pst reached a maximum penetration of roughly 50% within 48 hours at 75 degrees F
  • Compressive Strength (ASTM D1621)
    90 psi @ 50% deformation
  • Exceeds standards per ASTM B395
    0.010″ maximum permenant deformation @ 111 psi
  • Color: Third party identification per international industry color code standards (i.e. Gas/Oil: Yellow, Electric: Red, Telecommunications & Cable TV: Orange, Water: Blue, Sewer: Green)