Tapecoat M50 RC Gray

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Cold Applied Tapes
Tapecoat M50 RC Gray/Black

Protect Pipelines and Infrastructure from Corrosion
Tapecoat® M50 RC Gray heavy-duty below ground pipeline recoating material in tape form with an integrated primer. Tapecoat® M50 RC Gray is designed to protect below ground metal surfaces from corrosion and electrolysis. It is used for coating pipe, girth welds, fittings, couplings, tanks, pipe type cable, conduit, tie rods, elevator casings and other metal surfaces. Tapecoat® M50 RC Gray is resistant to thermal expansion, impact and abrasion and employs an integrated primer.

Technical Data
Color: Gray
Shelf life: Rotate stock yearly
Standards: AWWA C-209
Recommendedfor use with: Coal Tar, Extruded Polyethylene, FBE, 3 Layer Systems, Coal Tar and Urethane Plant Coatings
Low temp flex: Excellent
Bacteria resistance: Excellent
Thickness: 50 ± 2 mils
Tests: ASTM D1737, ASTM G22, ASTM D1000, ASTM G8.

Tapecoat® M50 RC Gray is a pre-formed, cold-applied coating. The adhesive is manufactured from specially formulated elastomer and resins bonded to a woven highly puncture-resistant polymer. Impregnated into the adhesive is an integrated primer.

Surface Preparation
Surface must be clean and dry. SSPC-SP3 Power Tool Cleaning is recommended to remove any loose rust and scale, dust or dirt. A “Tack Cloth” for removal of fine dust particles is provided in each carton. Oil, grease and all other residue are to be removed from pipe surface per SSPC-SP1 Solvent Cleaning. SSPC-SP6 Commercial Blast Cleaning is optional.

Tapecoat M50 RC Gray is impregnated with an integrated primer.

Tape Application
Spiral Wrap: Tapecoat M50 RC Gray is hand applied by removing the release liner and spirally wrapping with a continuous overlap of tape. Tension in wrapping should be enough to obtain conformability to the surface being coated.

Cigarette Wrap: Pre-cut strips of Tapecoat M50 RC Gray to a length equal to the circumference of the pipe plus a minimum of 4″. Follow general tape applications above.