Tapecoat 6025 Gray

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Cold Applied Tapes
Tapecoat 6025 Gray

Tapecoate Cold Applied Coating 6025

Protect Pipelines and Infrastructure from Corrosion
Cold-applied coating in tape form for use in high temperature pipeline Tapecoat® 6025 Gray High Temperature tape with a MAF® backing is designed to protect above and below ground pipe, pipe type cable, girth welds, fittings, tanks, insulated steam lines, and other metal surfaces from corrosion and electrolysis over a wide range of in-service temperatures up to as high as 250°F (121°c) in constant or peak load operating conditions. Tapecoat® 6025 Gray and TC® Omniprime may be applied to new pipelines and to pipelines in service operating at elevated temperatures.

Technical Data
Service temp: -30°F to 300°F (-35 to 125°C)
Application temp: -30 to 185°F (-35 to 85°C)
Total thickness: 25 mils (0.63 mm)
Adhesion (primed steel): 250 oz/inch width (2.79 kg/cm width)
Elongation: 300%
Tensile strength: 50 lb/inch width (8.95 kg/cm width)
Dielectric strength: Exceeds 12 KV
Salt crock test: Pass
Insulation resistance: 106 megohms
Water vapor trans rate: 0.01-0.20 g/100 inch2/24 hr (0.15-3.10 g/m2/24 hr)
Tests: ASTM G6, ASTM G20, ASTM G42, ASTM G14, ASTM G11, ASTM D1000.

Tapecoatˊ 6025 Gray is composed of a specifically formulated MAF backing and a synthetic elastomeric, temperature resistant coating.

Surface Preparation
Surface must be clean and dry. SSPC-SP3 Power Tool Cleaning is recommended to remove any loose rust and scale, dust or dirt. Oil, grease and all other residue are to be removed from pipe surface per SSPC-SP1 Solvent Cleaning. SSPC-SP6 Commercial Blast Cleaning is also acceptable

Priming: If operating temperatures do not exceed 180°F (85°C) TC® Omniprime is the primer of choice. TC® 7000 Epoxy has been developed specifically for use with Tapecoat® 6025 Gray when service temperatures are between 180°F and 300°F (85-125°C). Either primer may be hand applied by brush or roller. Let TC® Omniprime or TC® 7000 Epoxy dry to the touch before applying Tapecoat® 6025 Gray.

Tape Application
Tapecoat® 6025 Gray is applied by hand, with the Tapecoat® Hand Wrapster #3, or by plant or over-the-ditch tape wrapping methods. Tapecoat® 6025 Gray is spirally wrapped in two layers. Wrapping tension is to be maintained to obtain conformability of the tape to the surface being coated.