Pipehorn Water Leak Detector Model LD-7


Pipehorn Water Leak Detector Model LD-7

Leak detection made easy and economical

  • Simple to learn, and easy to operate
  • Small and compact
  • 3 forms of contact: ground plate, magnet, and rods
  • Mute switch for when moving the sensor


  • Frequency Range: 100 Hz to 1000 Hz
  • Power (amplifier): 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life: Up to 30 hrs. (continuous use)
  • Weight (amplifier): 0.507 lbs.

Standard Accessories

  1. Amplifier with Volume Control and Mute Switch
  2. Sensor with 3-point Ground Plate
  3. Stereo Headphones
  4. Magnet Base
  5. 3-Section Contact Rod
  6. Heavy Duty Carrying Case
  7. Instruction Manual (not shown)


The LD-7 is small, compact and affordable enough to store one in every truck. It is an economical leak detector designed for leak surveying and pinpointing.

Simple and easy to operate; the LD-7 is tuned specifically for peak leak sounds.


  • Compact amplifier that fits in the palm of the users hand.
  • One handed operation is possible with finger reachable controls.
  • Only one (1) knob for volume and one (1) button for muting while moving the sensor.
  • Small LED lamp for seeing inside dark meter boxes etc.
  • Designed for leak surveying and pinpointing. Use the ground plate to pinpoint, and the magnet or rod for surveying at hydrants, valves, or meters.
  • Extremely compact for storage behind the seat of the truck.

Pipehorn Water Leak Detector LD-7